• 2022

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    Commercial and Industrial

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  • Jack Gosdschan
  • Timothy Hall
  • Pete Condoleon
  • Steve Barnett
  • Cambell Smyth

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GreaseBoss is an IOT system that ensures industrial machinery is greased correctly. GreaseBoss prevents costly industrial equipment failure in heavy industries, such as mines, quarries, factories and defence. The system assists fitters when performing greasing in the field and provides visibility of maintenance activities to reliability engineers in the office.

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  • Greasing is at the core of industrial machinery reliability. Improper greasing causes 50% of machinery breakdown, costing $10b p.a to the global economy. Greasing is rarely completed correctly, it’s more complex than people realise. An industrial operation can have thousands of grease points, requiring greasing at different schedules, amounts and using different grease types. This complex job is regularly given to apprentices or unskilled labour to complete. There is currently no effective tool to guide operators when performing greasing, nore is there a system allowing managers to verify that greasing has been completed properly.

  • The GreaseBoss system has solved the complexity of greasing through the innovative integration of three core components. The Quickfit RFID tags provide a unique ID to each grease point on the site, they can be installed in seconds and retrofit to any existing grease point. The rugged headunit can be retrofitted to any grease gun, augmenting the mechanical fitter, enabling them to perform greasing exactly as per the maintenance schedule. This is achieved by providing intuitive greasing instructions direct to headunit screen. The GreaseCloud software provides exception reporting on conducted maintenance, providing valuable insights to manage and improve equipment maintenance.

  • The Greaseboss system results in a safer, more reliable, productive and environmentally friendly site. Breakdowns due to greasing are prevented, reducing costly plant downtime, minimising maintenance costs and extending machinery working life. Key customer benefits are improved profitability and safer working environments. Extending machinery working life reduces manufacturing of unnecessary replacement equipment, which drastically reduces the carbon footprint of global industrial operations. The system provides a unique data stream allowing for the accurate tracking of grease delivery for the first time. Accounting for hydrocarbon usage allows for waste reduction and carbon offset initiatives to accomplish Net Zero industrial operations.

  • The GreaseBoss system has been designed with three core design principles in mind, simplicity, intuitiveness and reliability. There were many challenges in addressing the extremely tough environments of heavy industries, the vast unknowns of developing a completely first of its kind product and ensuring we made a tool that made the complex job of greasing easier for the user. This resulted in: An ergonomic and retrofittable solution installable on any of the mechanical fitter’s existing gun. MIP Screen with a front light that can be clearly read in the brightest and darkest of lighting conditions. Extremely clear UI conveying messages in a glance through symbols and colours. Custom flowmeter inbuilt to enclosure rated to 10,000PSI. Extremely tough IP68 machined Acetyl and 7075 Aluminium enclosure. Custom coupler with inbuilt RFID antenna that automatically reads and displays greasing instructions on each greasepoint as fitter works, no extra steps. No buttons, ensuring mechanical fitter does need to have any input into the device. Injection moulded RFID tags that install in seconds and are environmentally resistant to the harshest of environmental conditions and chemical attacks. Completely designed and made in Australia, robust supply chain that utilises local businesses.