Cisco Meraki MV2 Flex Camera

  • 2022

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Designed In:

United States of America

The MV2 brings enterprise-grade security and analytics together in a flexible, compact form. A unique hinge, flexible mounting options, wireless capability, USB-C power, and mobile onboarding enables a seamless DIY install. Onboard processing and cloud management eliminates infrastructure and software requirements. MV2 democratizes machine learning and AI through its API.

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  • The design challenge had three main objectives: Build excitement around our camera ecosystem without the barrier of a pro install, match the bowl shaped aesthetic of the existing MV line, and be able to aim the lens in any direction from anywhere. The existing Meraki camera design language was intended for dome cameras only so it did not easily lend itself to a flex camera. Other cameras force customers to compromise for rigid constraints, but the MV2's industry standard USB-C interface, unique hinge and rotating features make it the most versatile camera on the Small/Med Business market.

  • The lines and transitions that define MV2 simplify the appearance of a highly technical object. Opening the camera reveals a silver surface that delights and surprises the user. Transforming to standing mode gives MV2 a playful character balanced perfectly between functionality and personality. The MV2 elegantly fits any environment with its ultimate versatility, timeless style and compact shape. The white and silver colors reflect the surrounding environment to blend in. Clean shapes and smooth, satin surfaces don’t draw unwanted attention at a distance. Simple and clean from afar, beautifully technical up close.

  • Meraki democratizes machine learning and AI. MV2 makes these tools easy to use for the average small to medium business by providing meaningful insights into their spaces. Customers can use these analytics to lower their costs, increase safety, and boost eco-friendly outcomes. The security camera space is saturated with mundane boxes, domes, and cylinders that lack individuality and character. The MV2 is a bellwether for human centered design and user experience. It’s rare to find an object so perfectly balanced between functionality and personality.

  • The Meraki industrial design team has the greatest impact by finding user concerns and creating beautiful products that function simply and flawlessly. Meraki product designs are guided by 5 principles- they are simple, professional, communicative, consistent, and brave. The MV2 is packaged in its opened, standing form, so that the user immediately begins to play with the hinge mechanism upon unboxing. This playful initial experience informs the user how they will eventually aim the view. Swiveling the base, lifting the hinge, and rotating the lens is a seamlessly intuitive process that brings joy to the user, creating a personal connection to the product. MV2 can be deployed in a simple standing scenario, on the wall, or on the ceiling with the mounting plate. Specs: • 76mm x 68-129mm • Expansive coverage with a wide 103° horizontal field of view • High-definition video with 4MP sensor and 1080P video resolution • Built-in motion analytics for intelligent insights • In-camera machine-learning capability for intelligent object detection • Simplified management with Meraki cloud architecture • Secure boot and firmware backed by hardware security chip • Secure video access and privacy with user accounts • Integrated wireless • Night vision with IR illumination up to 8m