OMEN by HP 16 inch Laptop PC

  • 2023

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

  • HP Design + Native

Commissioned By:

HP Inc.

Designed In:

United States of America

The OMEN Laptop provides desktop-level power with a 12th Gen Intel Core processor and a modern graphics card, both regulated by OMEN Tempest Cooling. The screen is impressive with high resolution and TUV Eyesafe Low Blue Light. This gaming laptop even lets you expand with plenty of USB ports.

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  • HP Design believes gaming is for everyone. Machines should be stylish, approachable, and inclusive for all. Long battery life, light weight, and high performance are the ways we make the experience better, and reduce eye strain so users can play longer, work longer, and enjoy longer.

  • The core innovation was in finding the balance between performance and portability, without compromising either. The result is a computer that is under 20mm thin. Available in shadow black or ceramic white, and made from magnesium, the computer is HP's lightest OMEN computers ever. A light and powerful gaming computer is generally difficult to make well. Either lightness is sacrificed, thermal management is sacrificed, or performance is sacrificed. This laptop manages to not compromise. The design uses a wedge shape for the base of the laptop, and hinges that cause the screen to hinge from the top of the base.

  • Keeping a low profile, using the wedge shape and a display with a rounded back edge at the hinge, we've created a laptop that is different from all others. But it doesn't just look different: using recyclable magnesium and recycled packaging means it's more sustainable. The computer has a fully recyclable full metal chassis. This is not a plastic laptop. The packaging is recycled, including recycled fiber cushions no single use plastics were used in the packaging.

  • HP helps minimize the carbon footprint of our products by powering the final assembly of 90% of our WW PC and Display products with 100% renewable electricity HP uses ocean-bound plastics with the installation of a high-tech plastic-cleaning washing line at HP’s partner recycling facility Lavergne-Haiti, near Port-au-Prince, which increase the amount of plastic processed while simultaneously boosting its value on the open market — bringing in much-needed income opportunities for local workers. We process 20 million pounds, 9 million kilograms of plastic a year. The 1080P web camera has TNR noise reduction so that you can be seen well even in low light. The keyboard has 4 zones of customizable lighting, so that you can highlight the keys you need. Gaming is about low latency. We have a HyperX ultra-low latency adapter built in so that headphones wirelessly connect with no latency for the audio, making gaming immersion better. OMEN gaming hub software makes it possible to undervolt intelligently for better performance. It also prioritizes network bandwidth, so that games get the speeds they need.