Cat Inspect

  • 2016

  • Digital
    Apps and Software

Designed In:

Australia / United States

Cat Inspect is a tool that enables the capture of equipment inspection electronically and allow the greater organisation to use the information that is captured rather than being captured and left in paper format.

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  • The tools allow for a consistent instruction to be give organistation wide to those that are not familiar with a product or item being inspected through the easy accessible help menus and instructions. It also allow reduced amount of item to be carry around by an inspector freeing up contact point to prevent slipping and falling on item that are being inspected.

  • The electronic capture of the inspection allows for greater accountability as the inspection can be tracked in the system with reduced chance of being lost and damaged. Since more people will be able to access the inspections, the accountability also increases as the safety inspection will be able to be tracked rather than being lost.

  • The electronic capture of inspection will improve the efficiency and time spent administering paper inspection and the time it take personnel to follow up inspection as once the inspection is completed it will be email straight to the require people.

  • If the inspections are completed electronically through the Cat Inspect app the carbon foot print will be reduced as there will be reduction in paper use.