Canva Video

  • 2020

  • Digital

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  • Canva

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Canva Video is free software integrated with Canva on Web, iOS, and Android that empowers those with no editing experience to make professional videos. It combines extensive libraries of visual and audio content, and a massive collection of video templates, with an intuitive, drag and drop UI.

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  • Videos are an incredibly effective communication tool, but creating them is time-consuming, expensive, and technically challenging. Alongside editing skills, video creators must tell stories, source visual and audio content, and have an understanding of different formats. The resources needed for just one video are often out of reach for many. We need a simple and quick way to create videos for everyone — whether that’s an NGO generating awareness for a campaign, or a micro-business promoting a service.

  • Canva Video is a full-service video creation tool — integrated into Canva — that offers extensive libraries of stock video, soundtracks, layouts, typography, and animations, within a simple and intuitive drag and drop user interface. Users can access up to 3,000 motion graphics, 30,000 video clips (soon to be 3 million), and through a partnership with royalty-free music service Epidemic Sound, a full catalogue of 30,000+ audio tracks. Guidance on look, feel and storytelling comes from hundreds of pre-made templates, which are tailored for specific formats (such as YouTube intros or Instagram Stories) and aesthetics.

  • Canva’s mission to empower everyone to design has now extended to include video. Its intuitive UI and low barriers to entry, make video creation more accessible than ever. Content creators, marketers, and beyond, are befitting from this simpler way to create videos. People and organisations with limited resources are already using Canva Video to help achieve their goals. For instance, one US florist has changed her business model using Canva Video. Rather than arranging flowers before shipping, she creates video tutorials that instruct clients on how to arrange these themselves, for a more unique and engaging experience.

  • * Video templates: choose from thousands of professional templates for Facebook, Instagram, collages, YouTube, and more. Users start with a template, and can easily replace assets and colour schemes. * Quick and easy editing: users can easily overlay text and logos on top of their own videos, layout multiple videos on a page, and drag-and-drop videos inside various shapes. * Storyboard design: Canva does away with a complicated timeline and adopts a simple storyboard, where each page is a scene. *Music and videos at your fingertips: access thousands of clips, animations, music, and animated graphics. *Mobile-first: available on web, iOS, and Android. *Collaborate together: teams can edit the same video together in real-time, online. *World-class technology - users are not required to have powerful hardware; we use the power of native devices combined with an online export service for additional reliability. *Innovative development - We have created our own rendering engines for exporting graphics, music, and videos, with a current patent pending * Simple licensing - an Epidemic Sound and YouTube integration means your channel can be instantly white-labelled upon upload, preventing incorrect copyright infringement detections.