Can-Am Defender Side-by-Side Vehicle

  • 2016

  • Product
    Automotive and Transport

Commissioned By:

BRP inc

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The 2016 Can-Am Defender side-by-side vehicle defines the new standard for a Utility-Recreation vehicle by delivering the customer a model that is tough, capable and clever.

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  • In an established market where the customer is very conservative and demands a simple, dependable product they can count on every day, BRP's Design & Engineering teams were challenged to deliver the right amount of innovation while keeping the side-by-side vehicle durable and genuine. The Defender gives the performance and strength needed to take on the most demanding tasks. The power, torque and all-wheel drive system work together to go off-road with confidence combined with class-leading work capabilities, exceptional terrain ability an

  • The Defender is built with a host of small but clever storage to accommodate the customer's wide range of usages. Developed with adaptable solutions from the cockpit storage all the way to the cargo box, the Defender vehicle was designed to make everything functional and remarkably comfortable. Like the interior and dash that have industry-first removable glovebox/ toolbox so it is easy to carry it with when leaving the vehicle. The passenger seats flips up to reveal a water-tight removable under seat storage that makes it easier for the consumer to bring the essentials to the jobsite or fishing spot. And when the storage is not there the flat floor provides a great place to bring more cargo or the family do

  • The Can-Am Defender side-by-side vehicle was built with ease of use in mind. The user needs to work with the vehicle all day and with a smart ergonomic design including the Versa-Pro bench; ingress/egress as well as all-day comfort was developed for that purpose. The interior was built around the user and every switch and control is laid out within reach to accommodate a wide range of anthropometric profiles. The A-pillar was moved forward in the vehicle to enlarge the cabin, one to make more space for truly functional storage and second to make more space for users to not feel cramped inside. Add an adjustable tilt steering and a flat low floor with wide opening to the exterior and it is the perfect balance f

  • The users in the Utility-Recreation segment were often exposed to basic vehicles that were built only for work and compromised on overall comfort and versatility. As the market grew, customers demanded more. The Can-Am Defender model provides a unique experience because it is designed from the ground up to deliver on its work capability as well as being comfortable for a long trail ride with the family. That duality made for strong expectations that the Defender delivers on. With the powerful but efficient engines produce industry leading torque not only does it satisfy the jobsite tasks but paired with a strong fully welded frame and tuned suspension trail riding is smooth and comfortable.

    The Can-Am Defender is suited to take on multiple different usages and different customer's expectations and with the addition of smartly integrated accessories the vehicle can expand to fit even more function. Because the Defender was designed from a clean sheet of paper, so too were the accessories. They are integrated from the start and compliment the vehicles already strong features and enhance the customer experience. From cab enclosures that are easy to install and protect occupants from the roughest of climates to the accessories that expand the rear cargo box and give it the capacity to fit whatever needs utility or recreational the Defender becomes the ultimate tool.