Budsband Earbuds Wrap

  • 2016

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Earbuds cords always get tangled.

Budsband is a small, fastener-free cord organizer (patented) that enables you to neatly wrap and compactly store the earbuds tangle-free, plus quickly access without unwinding. Budsband stays unobtrusively on the plug so it’s always there when needed.

Also, it can shorten or tether the cord.

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  • After a one-time attachment to the earbuds' plug, Budsband stays unobtrusively on the plug - until needed. Unlike others, it's not another bulky accessory to separately carry and misplace. To attach to the plug before the first use, you simply firmly insert the earbuds' plug through the two holes at the base of the Budsband and position on the plug. The very elastic and durable silicone stretches to accommodate virtually any standard 3.5mm plug housing. It's so small and light (1.2g) you won't know it is there.

  • Budsband does not use traditional fasteners, like magnets or Velcro, which can inadvertently fasten with other objects in a bag or pocket. Budsband incorporates the earbuds' own plug to secure the coiled cord. To store your earbuds: coil the cords; place the Budsband under the center of coils and pinch the coils against Budsband with one hand; with the other hand, stretch the Budsband around the coiled cord and secure the hole in the Budsband's top end over the earbuds' plug. Practice a few times and it will be effortless. (U.S. utility patent Notice of Allowance issued April 8, 2016; international patents pending)

  • Unlike spool-type cord wraps, which require extra time to unwind, Budsband allows instant tangle-free access by simply pulling the rounded top of the Budsband off the plug (the base remains on). No missed calls while untangling your earbuds.

  • Budsband wraps around gently coiled cords increasing their life versus plastic 'spool-type' cord wraps. Tightly wrapping cords around tight corners can decrease the life of the cord.

    Budsband can shorten your cords to a desired length and it is so light it will not interfere with your listening. Budsband can also retain the cord. Dangling cords can get in the way of your listening. Cords can snag on other objects or the weight of the cord can pull the earbuds out of your ears, especially while exercising. By tethering the hole on Budsband to a suitable object on your clothing - such as a zipper or button -Budsband solves this problem. Plus, it is a convenient way to hold your earbuds hands-free when you take a break from listening.

    Available in 4 colors. More colors and unique prints are planned. Colorful cases are a popular way to personalize your mobile phone; now, you have an accessory to personalize your earbuds. This feature is particularly valuable in families to identify your earbuds and minimize property rights disputes.