Quintrex Freestyler

  • 2023

  • Product
    Automotive and Transport

Commissioned By:

BRP. inc

Designed In:


The Quintrex Freestyler was designed for boaters of all experience levels at a more accessible price point. The main innovation is the evolution of the Apex hull, which paired with the Rotax S engine, expands the usable recreational space on the deck.

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  • The team had to rethink the design down to the last detail to make the Quintrex Freestyler more accessible, sustainable and powerful. We first removed pain points related to noise and safety, which are common to different categories of boaters. Other design decisions aimed to improve the overall user experience.

  • The design of the Freestyler is a case study in optimization, technology and expression. Its holistic design, derived from BRP’s proprietary Stretch forming aluminum transformation process, provides a distinctive look and feel while prioritizing longevity and sustainability. Ninety-two percent of the boat is made of recyclable aluminum and the newly designed windshield is made of fully recyclable polycarbonate. Ergonomics were improved from bow to stern with special attention paid to the helm.

  • Placing the engine beneath the platform, opens the stern and gives boaters an additional 120 cm of usable recreation space on deck. Other benefits of hiding the engine include improved safety and reduced noise. Boaters now enjoy a 360-degree line of sight around the watercraft. With the lowest CO2 emissions on the market and built from recyclable components, the Freestyler’s safety and environmental pedigrees give family peace-of-mind, while allowing them to adventure together and practice their favorite activities.

  • Materiality, colors and graphics were used not only to highlight key features and ergonomics, but also elevate the look and give the Freestyler a modern twist. This is further reinforced using soft-touch premium fit and finish materials everywhere passengers have contact with the boat. With its revolutionary and paradigm-shifting design, the Rotax Stealth engine, which comes as a standard part of an integrated package with the Freestyler, is positioned horizontally and tucked away, out-of-sight of boaters. Other features include self-winterizing for cold climate, as well as an integrated hose that flushes out salt for salt-water boaters. This reduces the need for service calls, which are now necessary only after 5 years or 500 hours.