Braun CareStyle Compact

  • 2019

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Braun’s CareStyle Compact combines the power of an ironing system with practical compact design. With an A4 footprint, it takes up 50 per cent less space than other Braun ironing systems. Together with its DoubleSteam technology and the world’s first FreeGlide 3D soleplate, ironing can be completed in half the usual time.

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  • Although ironing has always been one of the most loathed household chores, it is an essential part of looking professional and well groomed. The brief was to create a product with a distinctive design, yet still highly functional with clever advanced features to help ease the monotony and reduce time spent on ironing, no matter how big or small the load may be.

  • Braun’s CareStyle Compact adeptly merges the advantages of a traditional iron and ironing system into one efficient product solution. Dissimilar to its peers in the Ironing Systems category, the iron sits vertically on the base in order to achieve the smallest footprint possible. Compact enough to sit on an A4 page, its performance also matches that of a full-sized unit with a powerful 350g/min steam shot and continuous steam output of 120g/min. Moreover, the smart iCare mode allows one to iron any fabric without adjusting the settings, removing all guesswork from the process.

  • Consumers are willing to pay a premium for eco-friendly products, as they actively try to make changes to their lifestyle to benefit the environment. With this in mind, Braun’s CareStyle Compact offers an ‘ECO’ mode that uses over 30% less energy compared to the highest setting, while still providing superb ironing results. At the push of a button, the ironing system can run at a lower power consumption, particularly suitable when ironing delicate fabrics such as silk and wool.

  • • World’s first FreeGlide 3D soleplate: Inspired by snowboard design, Braun’s patented upward curving FreeGlide 3D soleplate guarantees 360° glideability. Combined with its unique scratch-resistant EloxalPlus coating, one can glide over buttons, pockets and zippers effortlessly without getting stuck – even backwards, allowing wrinkles to be smoothed out in a flash. • Smart iCare mode: This technology protects your clothes with a safe temperature, whatever the fabric – no time has to be wasted on pre-sorting laundry. • DoubleSteam technology: Producing more than twice as much steam as Braun’s traditional irons (internal laboratory test, compared to Braun’s TS5 series), the fine steam completely permeates the fabric, so you only have to go over a spot once. • Vertical steaming: For fast and easy touch-ups without an ironing board. The iron can be used vertically like a garment steamer for quick refreshing of slightly wrinkled clothes. • Digital anti-drip: Thanks to the digital technology, the temperature is controlled far more effectively than with a traditional thermostat – no more annoying water stains and leakage during ironing. • Auto off function: The iron switches off automatically after 10 minutes of non-use.