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Botell fulfills a market need for a stylish bottle you can take everywhere.
It has a natural drinking-style, easy opening/closing and can be filled without removing the top. Bluetooth connectivity and sensors remind you to drink and measure water consumption. The electronics have a long battery life and easily remove for dishwashing.

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  • The lid's intricate opening and closing design is more than meets the eye. With the simple push of a button, the protected mouthpiece self-opens. This mouthpiece has been designed to feel as if you are sipping from a glass as opposed to a sucking/squeezing action. With a slight twist, the spout is retracted and securely seals to keep water fresh and clean. The opening is smooth and controlled. Achieving this was a challenge that involves a ballet between mechanical design, molded parts, springs, seals, dampers and material selection. This was only achieved through numerous iterations of 3D modelling, prototyping, trialling and refining to ensure the many interdependent parts worked seamlessly.

  • People normally give up measuring how much water they consume long before the good habit of adequate hydration sets in. The optional electronic module accurately measure's the consumption of water and sends this data to a smartphone app and potentially wearable devices. Proprietary sensing and data-packet transmission technology are subject to a second patent application for Botell. Hydration reminders can be set via the app which will illuminate a series of LEDs visible around the bottle perimeter. Botell provides the user with real-time reporting even while in motion and is aware of your exercise output vs water intake.

  • Botell is fashionably practical - it is easy-to-use while presenting a sleek design that is fitting to whatever environment you are in. This ensures you can bring Botell wherever you go to stay hydrated and continue optimal water drinking habits. Botell's streamlined shape and size make it comfortable to carry and fit in a handbag, gym bag or most car cupholders. Colours have been mindfully chosen to reflect current fashion trends and preferences with particular attention paid to include colours for any gender. Branding has been subtly engraved into the bottle to continue a feel of elegance and understated simplicity - you know that it is a Botell but it doesn't need to shout it.

  • To fill Botell is simple - one click of the button exposes the mouthpiece which is wide enough to allow water to be directly filled into the bottle. No removing the top, no unnecessary handling of the mouthpiece, potential straws or other parts - just click and fill. This action also eliminates unnecessary wear on the bottle's seal each time the bottle's filled, prolonging the bottle's lifespan and assisting to maintain the leak-proof design. Because it's quick, easy and hygienic to fill each time, it will become the preferred vessel for drinking water and give the user accurate reporting on hydration.

    Botell supports a busy lifestyle as it is easy to clean at the kitchen sink or in the dishwasher. The optional electronic component is simply removed for Botell to be placed safely in the dishwasher. Botell's unobstructed water path is devoid of nooks and crannies where biofilm or fungi could accumulate and be hard to remove, even with mechanical scrubbing. There are no narrow straws or complex valves that can harbour biofilm or areas that could inhibit cleaning that is common to many water bottles. The ease of cleaning and streamlined design gives the user confidence to use the bottle all the time.

    Botell is made from high-quality, BPA-free polymers. It is injection molded with generous wall thickness giving Botell excellent insulation properties. This keeps water drinkable even in warm environments such as vehicle interiors, warm hands while exercising or leaving outside in the sun. Maintaining the water at a drinkable temperature for longer, enhances the user's desire to keep drinking and therefore achieve optimal hydration. Additional features of the thermal qualities include users are less likely to buy bottled water when outside of an easy-to-access water environment.

    Botell's battery had to have a long-life to instil the habit of good hydration. A long-life cell was preferred to regular recharging or a large and cumbersome battery, as this could pose a barrier to usability. This ensures Botell is always ready-to-use - you don't have to remember to charge the battery every few days or need to have spare batteries on hand. A common CR2032 cell provides power for up to a year of use. It is inexpensive and easily replaced - removing the battery does not require any special tools, it can simply be opened using a 20 cent piece. Proprietary data-packet architecture, efficient circuitry and clever sleep modes for components are used to extend the battery life.