ASKO Elements Wine Climate Cabinet

  • 2022

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ASKO Appliances

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ASKO’s Wine Climate Cabinet cares for your wine collection. It has three independent temperature zones to preserve, age or serve your wine in optimal conditions. Incorporating a unique integrated digital inventory system, linked to the Vivino database. The cabinet has an inbuilt camera and app control to support inventory management.

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  • The idea was to create a wine climate cabinet with an appealing design for the living space, offering the best conditions of a traditional French wine cellar and also adding other innovations to create a truly new experience. To incorporate technology that improves the customer's interaction with their wine collection as well as protecting their hobby or investment. Ensure that the build quality meets the high-quality expectations of wine storage solutions. Finally, to be able to serve a glass of wine the way it is intended to drink to maximise its palate.

  • To mimic the French wine cellar the cabinet was made to control humidity between the perfect 60%-80% range while holding the temperature within a +-0.3°C, designed to perfectly age the wine. A triple glazed door protects the bottles from UV radiation. The cabinet is connected to Vivino's wine database allowing the use of the integrated camera or app to better understand your wine. Subtle finishes such as steamed beech, handmade clay humidity box and chalkboards pay tribute to traditional winemakers. An independent temperature regulated serving zone is designed to serve your wine at the perfect serving temperature for optimal taste.

  • The product adds to the ASKO range of appliances by cementing the brand as a supplier of premium appliances. It also speaks to a customer base that wants the best for their wine collection. A customer that ASKO has not been able to engage with before. This appliance links new technology with traditional craftsmanship, making the world of wine more accessible to enthusiasts. Allowing the wine connoisseur the ability to present, preserve, age and serve their collection like never before, providing a first of its kind solution. All while linking existing design cues with the ASKO Elements range.

  • The Elements touch screen user interface and handle match this appliance with ASKO's premium cooking appliances. Integrated RGB Lighting for an individual colour and customisable experience in the home, as well as a proximity sensor to wake up the light inside when someone approaches. Triple Carbon air filters to ensure the air inside matches the quality of wine in the bottles. Access via the ConnectLife app to monitor the performance of the cabinet. Reversible door for installation into any area. 4.3" HD touchscreen interface for ease of use. Fully extendable telescopic shelves. Integrated accessory drawer.