The Solution to Using Solid, Zero-Waste Bars

  • 2023

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Our Travel Tins were designed with the sole purpose of filling a gap in the market for a beautiful sustainable solution to housing zero waste, naked soap bars at home or while travelling. Our Travel Tins are designed for all as they are functional, practical and beautiful in the home.

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  • According to statistics the personal care and beauty industry produces more than 120 billion units of packaging every year globally—most of which are not truly recyclable. Our naked cosmetic Bar range solves this problem by producing solid, waterless cosmetics that are packaged in cardboard only. The push back from consumers is always 'how do I store them?' which is a valid concern as once they become wet they need to dry between uses. A cardboard box is not the solution for this. To maximise the longevity the Bars and encourage more people to make the switch we needed a solution.

  • We've designed a truly unique solution that keeps solid bars dry between uses as well as allowing individuals to use, store and travel with solid Bars. Our Travel Tins encourage a clutter free, plastic free environment in the home as well as eliminating the need for 'travel size' plastic cosmetics. The 316 Stainless Steel design ensures it will never deteriorate or rust and the internal drip tray will sit snug inside the container but can also be removed and used on its own. The tins are labelled to make it clear what product is inside.

  • This product is a truly long lasting solution that can continue to be refilled over and over again creating zero waste. In the long run it will save consumers money (as solid bars last longer than liquid products). This product can be used for all ages and will inspire more individuals to make the switch to solid bars; increasing demand should then increase output which will be great for retailers as well as having a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of individuals overall as well as saving the environment from unnecessary plastic waste and synthetic chemicals.

  • The Travel Tin was meticulously designed with many sample rounds to ensure each aspect of the product was functional, beautiful and solved the initial problem. The internal drip tray has raised nodules on either side to prevent a wet bar from becoming stuck and to allow it to be used on its own on a flat surface and still allow water to drip out. The lid closes tightly for travel but is loose enough to be removed by children and those with weaker hands or arthritis. We created 5 labelled options so that it's clear what is inside without having to take the lid off Shampoo, Conditioner, Face, Body, and one blank for anything else. The lid also fits seamlessly into the base so it is truly clutter free no matter how you chose to use it. The Travel Tin was primarily designed for Seed & Sprout Bars but it would fit other solid Bars inside also so consumers of other brands can enjoy our Travel Tin with their choice of solids Bar. There are other Bar holders on the market but none that solve the issue of looking premium, solve multiple issues as well as being plastic free and long-lasting.