Blueline Bubbler Range

  • 2019

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

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Enware Australia Pty Ltd

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Enware’s Blueline Bubblers are designed to encourage school children to enjoy drinking more water and maintain good hydration levels to assist with their learning. The Blueline range is the first bubbler with integrated bottle filler, an important consideration that allows children to fill their bottles and stay hydrated in class.

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  • In a society that is challenged with high obesity levels, it’s essential that our youth make healthy choices when it comes to hydration. Choosing water over sugary drinks is important at school as good hydration helps children maintain the sound concentration necessary for learning. Making sure water is the first choice for quenching thirst in the playground was the driving motivation behind the new Blue line bubbler range. The range aims to make water easily accessible, clean, safe and enjoyable in order to meet the challenge of competing against sugar as a source of hydration within our schools and playgrounds.

  • Making drinking from a bubbler fun again became our philosophy to enhance the drinking experience and promote better hydration at school. To achieve this, we took a fun approach to the product’s design by initiating a collaborative dialogue with the children users to better understand their situational needs. This resulted in the Blueline range being designed to improve the hygiene of the water delivered while making them more ergonomically comfortable and safe to drink from. The Blueline range also included the first integrated bubbler with bottle fill outlet as bottles are now common place in school and in class rooms.

  • Water should be the number one choice for hydration, especially for children. Opting for sugary alternatives can impact on concentration and learning development as well as increasing the risk factors for lifestyle diseases such as obesity and diabetes. The Blueline Bubbler range is designed to help enhance the water drinking experience to encourage children to make healthy choices and improve learning outcomes through maintaining suitable hydration at school. The range also includes integrated bottle fill models to further encourage refilling of personal bottles rather than promoting the sale and waste of bottled water.

  • Our collaborative design process involved observation and feedback with children to inform the Blueline range design and generate benefit for this target audience. User concerns about the unhygienic nature of the current design were addressed by incorporating pressure compensation flow control within the outlet to ensure a constant flow height towards the users and limit mouth contact. An integrated check valve was included to minimise back wash and cross contamination concerns. The clean lines and cylindrical design make it easy to clean while the soft touch anti-bacterial mouth guard and handles not only resist bacterial growth but also protect teeth and enhance user comfort. The drinking water quality is further enhanced by the low lead brass formulation reducing lead leaching risks. The Blueline range incorporates a unique cross style design providing a stable platform for both hands so each child can lower their body into the water path to drink while using their own weight to activate the flow. A low rotating torque ceramic disc valve provides easy water access to even very young students who may have limited arm strength. Our handles include easy to understand instructions including braille for those who may be visually impaired.