Blackmagic Studio Camera

  • 2015

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

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  • Blackmagic Industrial Design Team

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Blackmagic Design

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The Blackmagic Studio Camera is the world’s smallest broadcast camera with the world’s largest viewfinder, designed specifically for multi-camera live productions like talk shows, news and sporting events. At under $2000, it is a powerful yet accessible tool with all the functionality of a high-end broadcast camera for one-tenth of the price.

Controlled remotely via a Blackmagic ATEM live production switcher, users have full lens control, and the ability to simultaneously colour balance multiple cameras in real-time with Blackmagic’s free colour correction software. This ensures high quality, consistent footage across an entire live production.

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  • A major challenge of live broadcast productions is the incredibly high cost of equipment and cabling for large multi-camera shoots. Cumbersome and complex, typical broadcast cameras can weigh over 20kg and cost up to $50,000. In order to meet a price point under $2000 while still providing the full set of production tools professionals' demand, it was critical to carefully consider engineering, assembly and manufacturing processes. Here was an opportunity to create a compact, affordable studio camera to empower users in schools, universities, churches and sporting clubs; creative individuals who would otherwise not have the resources to access such high-end broadcast technology.

  • A study in miniaturisation, every component on the Studio Camera was meticulously detailed to achieve the smallest possible footprint. Through careful consideration of manufacturing processes and mechanical assembly techniques, significant reductions in size, weight and build cost were achieved. While miniaturisation clearly enhances portability, it more importantly delivers vast creative potential for the user. At one tenth the size of a typical broadcast camera, it allows access to confined viewpoints and discrete filming of sensitive situations.

  • The unique form factor is an elegant yet practical expression of the Studio Camera's functionality. Refined surface transitions create a seamless blend between compact camera and large display, while the soft-touch outer skin offers impact-resistance and secure, comfortable handling on long shooting sessions. The integrated control panel provides immediate and intuitive access to important camera settings without the need for complex menus. This prevents distraction and allows the user to remain fully focussed on capturing the shot, especially critical in high pressure live broadcast situations.

  • In high pressure live production situations like outdoor broadcasts, controlling multiple cameras across potentially vast distances in changing conditions is an on-going challenge. Variable lighting, camera angles and composition dramatically affect continuity in a live broadcast, a critical quality of any successful high-end production. Controlled remotely via a Blackmagic ATEM live production switcher, users have full lens control, and can simultaneously colour balance multiple cameras in real-time using DaVinci Resolve, Blackmagic's colour correction software. This ensures high quality, consistent footage across an entire live production, allowing cameramen to concentrate on getting the best shot.

    With compact proportions, detachable lens and collapsible sunshade, the Studio Camera can be used discretely in small spaces. Highly portable, the co-moulded, single-piece sunshade ensures a professional on-set presence and a private viewing enclosure for the 10” LCD display. Folded flat, it allows for efficient transportation, with up to four Studio Cameras fitting easily into a single road case using the reusable packaging insert. The Active Micro Four-thirds lens mount, engineered for precise optical calibration, is ideal for adapting a range of lenses, from inexpensive consumer optics to high-end cinematic lenses. This flexibility offers vast creative freedom for the amateur and professional user alike.

    The Studio Camera's ultra-lightweight magnesium alloy body is formed using a cutting-edge high pressure magnesium moulding process, which produces metal parts with virtually no porosity. This facilitates far superior structural integrity and surface finish than standard die cast or CNC machined parts, with much thinner wall sections ensuring significant weight reduction. The Studio Camera has just two major parts forming its strong, lightweight enclosure that excels in a range of conditions. Every other sub-assembly fixes directly to these parts, reducing build times and ensuring excellent fitment for exceptionally high perceived quality.

    The sheer mass and complexity of conventional studio cameras brings with it numerous potential issues associated with long term stresses and strains on operator's bodies. Compact and lightweight, the Studio Camera can be moved effortlessly throughout shooting and between set-ups. The unprecedentedly large 10” viewfinder is angled for more natural ergonomics, and can be viewed comfortably even from a distance. Exported to 87 countries, The Blackmagic Studio Camera complies with all relevant safety standards and regulations, including AS/NZS 60950, FCC, CE, RCM, WEE & ROHS