Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K

  • 2020

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    Consumer Electronics

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Blackmagic Design

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The Pocket Cinema Camera 6K is the world’s lightest and most affordable professional 6K digital film camera, designed specifically for indie filmmakers, TV and web broadcasters. At $1995 the familiar DSLR design is the first to offer the image quality needed for Hollywood workflows, indistinguishable from cameras costing over $10,000.

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  • ‘To create an approachable, affordable 6K cinema camera that addresses the shortcomings of traditional DSLR ‘stills’ cameras, empowering creative people with professional features and image quality enjoyed by Hollywood cinematographers.’ Consider the workflows and ergonomics of hand-held cinematography, vlogging and documentary-making. Minimise size and weight for optimum mobility without sacrificing features or usability. Integrate professional audio and monitoring to eliminate expensive peripherals. Develop secure, natural ergonomics for quick, instinctive operation. Overcome thermal challenges of recording high frame-rate, 6K footage in an ultra-compact form factor. Realise a professional, high performance visual language without compromising ergonomics.

  • The Pocket Cinema Camera 6K revolutionises the workflows of filmmakers and broadcasters currently using DSLRs stills cameras. Costing $1995, it possesses a familiar hand-held form and approachable UI, while offering the Hollywood image quality and professional features of high-end cinema cameras. To achieve this, it was necessary to consider materials and processes that could ensure the performance, fit and finish of die cast metal cameras without the associated cost. The result is an advanced Carbon Fiber Polycarbonate composite body. 50% lighter than die-cast metal, the camera body possesses comparable strength, rigidity and finish for half the cost.

  • The impact of COVID-19 cannot be understated. With social distancing measures demanding innovative approaches to communication and content creation, it has never been more important to facilitate this with affordable, accessible video technology. For many broadcasters, small businesses and educational institutions setting up home studios for presenters, affordability is a pivotal issue. The Pocket Cinema Camera 6K enables professional, broadcast quality streaming footage for a fraction of the typical cost. Paired with an ATEM Mini switcher, an individual presenter can easily control up to four Pocket Cinema Cameras for professional, multi-camera live productions from almost any location.

  • User Interface The ability to quickly access and adjust settings is crucial in professional filmmaking. Small LCDs common to DSLRs are totally inadequate, with tedious menu navigation that hinders productivity. The Pocket Cinema Camera 6K has a large 5” touchscreen display for precise, cinematic framing and focus, eliminating the need for expensive external monitors. The interactive, graphically rich UI is designed specifically for filmmaking, allowing intuitive gestural control of camera settings. This immediacy allows filmmakers to see the effects of adjustments in real-time, ensuring focus remains on the creative aspects of filmmaking. An hierarchical physical control layout places critical functions at the fingertips, prioritising regularly used functions in instantly accessible zones. Wireless Bluetooth Remote Control The compact form factor allows shooting from almost any angle. Positioned at the end of a boom or another difficult location, users have full control via Bluetooth from up to 30 feet away using an iOS or Android device. MFT lens mount, ideal for lenses common to small cameras. Easily adapted to PL, C, and EF standards for Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Leica lenses. Includes DaVinci Resolve Studio, Blackmagic Design’s professional post-production software. Used in more Hollywood feature films than any other solution.