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The world needs to become more sustainable, and we all need to play our part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. GreenLine, KOMPAN’s sustainable playground range, is manufactured from thoroughly researched and tested innovative materials that have been produced from post-consumer waste sources, giving them a new lease of life.

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  • For a brighter future, we all must carry the responsibility of lowering carbon emissions. United Nations states that we need to reduce CO2e by 45% before 2030 to ensure the global temperature doesn't exceed 1.5 degrees. Across the manufacturing sector, the evolution of material specifications is everchanging, and this shouldn’t be any different for the parks and recreation sectors, as 80% of CO2e comes from raw materials. Thus, needing to reduce virgin materials by creating sustainable materials that: •Are founded on circular solutions and excess waste •Offers quantified carbon footprint reductions •Don't compromise on quality, appearance, functionality, safety, or play-value.

  • Given the harsh and uncertain conditions that outdoor playground sites can endure, KOMPAN needed to select waste sources that held durable and safe properties and met engineering requirements. Within the GreenLine assortment of play structures and freestanding equipment, KOMPAN has repurposing post-consumer waste that would generally end up in landfills or surrounding environments, including fishing nets, ropes, and trawls, used textiles and food packaging waste to create: •TexMade™ Posts: 100% post-consumer textile and plastic bag waste •Play Panels: 100% maritime waste •Climbing Panels & Decks: 75% maritime waste •Rotomoulded: 25% post-consumer maritime waste •Extruded Aluminium: A low-carbon process

  • GreenLine is a circular and cost-effective solution. The range is eco-friendly and manufactured from materials that significantly reduce carbon footprint compared to traditional virgin materials, ultimately reducing landfill waste, and can be recycled again at decommission. For example, KOMPAN's PCM200431 play structure contains 65.7% recycled content and offers a 46% reduction in CO2e. Furthermore, playgrounds provide a multitude of benefits that exceed aesthetics and entertainment. Communities need playgrounds that: •Develops critical skills including social, physical, cognitive, and creative as children constantly learn through play •Creates social experiences and local pride •Unites people without boundaries of creed, culture, age or abilities

  • Enclosed within our applicable you will find Product Sheets for every GreenLine product, which details third-party validated CO2e calculations.