Bayer Medrad Centargo CT Injector

  • 2019

  • Product
    Medical and Scientific

Commissioned By:

Bayer Pharmaceuticals

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Centargo is a next generation medical device used to administer contrast agents and common flushing solutions during X-Ray diagnostic imaging procedures such as CT scanning.

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  • Centargo was conceived as a solution to support modern CT workflows and the increasing throughput demanded by imaging suites around the world. Centargo offers market leading functionality and performance, while achieving simple, safe, reliable and automated workflow, easy daily set-up and quick patient turn around time between scans.

  • Centargo minimizes the injector touch time by automating manual processes and reducing the opportunity for accidental contamination of components in the injection fluid path. Integrated air detection features are included for additional safety. The Graphical User Interface available both on the injector and in the control room provides powerful functionality and control for the radiographer, while being simple and easy to use and clearly providing relevant information before, during and after the exam.

  • Centargo helps clinicians focus more on their patients and less on the equipment. The daily setup time can be completed in less than two minutes. The clip-in patient line auto-primes and is ready for a new patient in less than 20 seconds.

  • Centargo features an integrated touch screen in the scan room, which brings more information closer to the radiographer and the patient. The bar code reader reduces manual data entry and provides easy access to contrast and injection details.