L6Q Quick-Deploy License Plate Recognition Camera System

  • 2022

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Commissioned By:

Motorola Solutions, Inc

Designed In:

United States of America

The L6Q Quick-Deploy LPR Camera System combines vehicle license plate recognition (LPR) technology with consumer-grade ease of installation to help law enforcement agencies, private organizations, and businesses ensure the safety and security of people and property.

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  • Designers were challenged to provide law enforcement and private security agencies with amplified insight and awareness by making LPR technology accessible to a greatly expanded user base. They were given the charge to re-examine every aspect of LPR technology from data gathering and analysis to device installation and deployment. The key project goal was to take what has become an established yet often cumbersome and expensive technology and re-imagine it as a flexible, consumer friendly, cost effective solution.

  • This solution is designed for rapid setup in 20 minutes or less and includes a quick-deploy LPR camera/mounting system along with battery, direct line, and solar power options. Configuration and activation is accomplished via smartphone using a Mobile Companion application. Radar-based triggering is configurable to detect vehicles moving at pre-specified speeds and directions of travel. The long-range, integrated infrared (IR) illumination with starlight sensor enables scanning of vehicles in complete darkness. The system seamlessly connects with a suite of software solutions allowing data to be stored, shared, and analyzed based on preference.

  • License Plate Recognition (LPR) capability has become a vital tool for security organizations as they manage more incidents with fewer people. By applying Design to all aspects of the system, the L6Q solution reimagines deployment as a more intuitive consumer-like experience, simplifies usability, and reduces cost of entry. This makes the technology more accessible for small organizations with limited resources. The resulting impact is greater productivity with fewer people, better cost efficiencies, and safer communities.

  • -A tamper-proof design with paintable, removable shroud makes the L6Q physically secure while blending in with its environment. -Varied wall, pole, and tree attachment methods combine with full articulation to allow flexible mounting options. -Configurable direction and speed based configurations allow L6Q to trigger on vehicles moving at specific speed thresholds and directions of travel to provide customized data. -Integrated AI provides capture and analysis of valuable information such as vehicle make, model, color and speed. -Long range IR enabled night vision scans and analyzes vehicles, even in complete darkness, with an onboard Starlight sensor. -Simplified on-site connection and set up with included Mobile Companion app on Android or iOS device. -An included rapid-deployment carry case keeps the device and mounting hardware accessible and ready for transport. This allows for quicker installations and better tracking of components as operations are initiated, moved, and completed. -Power options include solar, hard-wired AC/DC, as well as a swappable internal battery.