Argus X-Ray Camera

  • 2023

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    Commercial and Industrial

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Argus X-ray Camera revolutionises stand-off imaging for Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Disposal. It diagnoses both conventional and improvised threats using high-definition backscatter or traditional transmission x-ray. Micro-X’s Nano Electronic X-ray Technology makes it lightweight and portable for quick deployment in military, law enforcement, TSCM, and Explosive Ordnance Disposal / IEDD operations.

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  • The Argus X-ray camera addresses the challenges and risks associated with IED disposal imaging. Traditional methods of detection involve using transmission X-ray technology, which requires bomb technicians to set up an x-ray source and imaging panel around the suspected threat. Given that bomb technicians operate in hazardous environments, under time pressure and with limited information, this method imposes risk of injury or death by requiring the technician to be over the target. Bomb technicians face the threat of blast injuries, exposure to dangerous chemicals, radio frequency exposure, and psychological stress. Argus eliminates the need for technicians to spend any time-over-target.

  • The Argus X-ray camera provides remote and rapid threat assessment without requiring a separate imaging panel, thanks to its backscatter imaging technology. Unlike transmission imaging, which requires bomb technicians to position an imaging panel opposite the X-ray source, backscatter imaging bounces X-rays off the object and detects the reflected X-rays. This allows bomb technicians to take Argus down range using a robot, eliminating risk of injury or death. Bomb technicians can now take high resolution images in real time to diagnose threats rapidly from a safe location, improving their safety and efficiency in high-risk environments.

  • The Argus X-ray camera enhances safety, workflow, and quality of life for users by allowing for remote assessment and identification of threats such as IEDs. It eliminates the risk of serious injury or death in high-risk situations, benefiting law enforcement, military personnel, and civilians. The lightweight and portable design enables rapid deployment, increasing efficiency and safety. By quickly identifying and addressing threats, Argus helps restore normalcy in affected environments, benefiting society as a whole.

  • The Argus X-ray camera boasts several benefits that make it a valuable tool in high-risk environments. Its intuitive user interface helps to reduce cognitive load on operators, allowing them to focus on the task at hand in complex and high-stress environments. Argus X-ray camera can also be used for traditional transmission X-ray assessment, providing further versatility for operators. The camera also has commonality with in-field equipment such as unmanned ground vehicles, which share the same battery type. Its ruggedized form is designed for the world's harshest environments, making it durable enough to withstand extreme conditions. The Argus X-ray camera also features an encrypted long-range radio, which ensures secure communication between the camera and its operators. Furthermore, its ability to share images for external examination and diagnosis enables a team approach to analysing the data, ultimately leading to more accurate diagnoses and better-informed decision-making. These benefits combine to make the Argus X-ray camera an effective and reliable tool for bomb technicians, law enforcement personnel, and military personnel working in high-risk environments.