Avanti PLUS® Split System Air-Conditioner

  • 2019

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    Domestic Appliances

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Avanti PLUS® is our new, Choice® recommended, platinum series of split system air-conditioners that combines an award winning European design with innovative, Japanese engineering and componentry. The Avanti PLUS® is one of the most energy efficient units on the market and boasts a huge range of convenient features and functions.

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  • With the rise in electricity costs and awareness around climate change, along with many air conditioners considered ‘bulky’ and ‘unattractive’, our goal was to develop a modern, sleek and stylish air conditioner that could easily integrate into any home interior while delivering higher energy efficiencies, complete user comfort, lower running costs and ultimately, a reduced environmental impact than current air-conditioning models on the market.

  • By conducting extensive market research within our target market, reviewing current designs of competitors and by working closely with the industrial designers at TENSA, we were able to develop an elegant, modern and minimalistic design that featured contoured corners for a ‘slim’ feel and large louvres for even air distribution. By improving component design, including new convenient and energy saving features and by utilising a newly developed refrigerant we were able to develop our most efficient air conditioner yet, with our 2.0kW model achieving a 7 star “super efficiency” rating – the highest of any A/C in Australia.

  • With the recent extreme temperatures, we’re aware of the important role air conditioners play in keeping Australians comfortable. We’re also considerate of the impact these air-conditioners have on the environment so by delivering a high efficiency air conditioner that utilises less energy, we’re hoping to reduce the impact we have on the environment while also helping our customers live a happy, comfortable and fulfilling life no matter what the weather. By raising the bar in the expected energy efficiency of air-conditioners, we’re hoping to improve the industry standard and encourage all manufacturers to improve their overall designs.

  • The Avanti PLUS® incorporates an intelligent motion sensor that monitors activity levels within the room, takes into consideration body heat and movement within the space, while the Eco Operation automatically adjusts the set temperature accordingly. If no activity is detected, the unit will turn off automatically, saving energy and minimising running costs. MHIAA’s ‘Allergen Clear System’ which incorporates two, specially designed filters and a self-cleaning function delivers allergen and odour free air by firstly removing allergens such as pollen and dust by capturing them in a specially formulated Allergen Clear Filter and eliminating them via the multi-stage Allergen Clear Operation. A photo-catalytic filter captures any remaining particles and neutralises odour causing bacteria before the Self Cleaning Mode dries the internal anti-microbial fan and internal components, ensuring fresh air on every start-up. With an LED brightness control, which allows users to dim the brightness of the lights on the unit, combined with a reduced operation noise (making it one of the quietest units on the market) the Avanti PLUS® ensures a good nights sleep when installed in any bedroom. The Avanti PLUS® also has an industry leading long reach airflow of 17m (6.0kW model) ensuring even air distribution throughout the room.