Atlite Skylights Roof Window

  • 2018

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Atlite Skylights

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Atlite Skylights premium roof window was designed by the Atlite Skylights engineers in collaboration with Swinburne University. Our cutting-edge design is the only Australian designed and made roof window that is bushfire, hail, cyclone and leak resistant. The Atlite Skylight can be custom made to suit any space and specification.

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  • Our clients were asking for skylights that could be a bespoke skylight to meet the creative architectural designs for houses and commercial constructions and could be installed at a zero roof pitch. Atlite consulted with the Centre for Design Innovation at Swinburne University to design a roof window that was sleek, provided sufficient insulation and could withstand standardised testing for rain and hail, cyclone and bushfires. It needed to be manufactured to different sizes and shapes according to creative designer’s specifications, could be fixed or openable and be installed without the need of a pitch adaptor

  • Our roof windows passed the test AS 3959 bushfire attack level test and tested to AS4285 water leak test. We have constructed roof windows to meet bespoke specifications both in size and shape. Atlite has successfully designed and supplied roof windows that are circular, triangular, hexagonal, octagonal, pyramid, and rhombus shaped. We have made roof windows that are 18 metres x 550mm. Atlite has designed an electrical sliding roof window that is 5.5m x 2.1m

  • Atlite roof windows are bushfire resistant & are the only skylights that are designed & manufactured in Australia that are Bal40 rated. The energy savings are significant, they look better than acrylic domes, are safer, stronger & they let in more natural sunlight enhancing peoples’ wellbeing Atlite can produce custom-made skylights which benefit architects because they don’t have to limit their creativity to accommodate a standard skylight Our aim is to replace Acrylic Skylights with Double glazed glass skylights within two years. The current design will enable the Architects to install more skylights to save energy and sustain 5-7 star rated houses

  • Atlite Roof Windows can come with premium extras that include: - Electric opening that does not require no hard wiring - Self-tinting laminated glass that uses thermochromic technology. Out tinting comes in 7 different shades and colours including clear We have 15 standard sizes that can be installed in either portrait or landscape orientation We can install our roof windows on a flat roof with zero pitch without the need of a pitch adaptor Our smart low profile design enables water run-off and reduces the risk of water retention causing leakage Our skylights can be custom made to any size, shape or specification. Architects do not need to limit their creativity in their designs. Our skylights are safer and stronger than acrylic skylights and can withstand rain, hail and bushfires. Our double glazed glass allows for more natural light into the room compared to acrylic skylights. Our flashing kits suit Australian roofs and our complete window and flashing package can suit roof type and colour