ATF Intelligent Wireless Motion Sensor Device

  • 2017

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    Commercial and Industrial

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  • ATF Vision

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ATF Vision

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The Wireless Motion Sensor is a durable and affordable alarm for all environments. Easy to deploy and operate, it incorporates five unique sensors that can be used in any combination to trigger an alarm.

The unique smartphone App manages the sensors and sends alerts in real time to any device.

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  • The ATF Intelligent Wireless Motion Sensor Device uses Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) globally and has been specifically designed for use in diverse and demanding environments. The device enables the real-time monitoring across multiple sectors including but not limited to new home builds, renovations, sheds, site offices, shipping containers and vacant commercial or industrial properties.

  • The customised enclosure has been designed to handle IP65 conditions and enables complete protection of the infrared lens by securing it so it does not shift or become loose when under heavy vibration from transportation. The enclosure is made from LEXAN 503R which is a medium viscosity, 10% glass reinforced, UV-stabilised, flame retardant grade material, especially designed for applications requiring high rigidity together with high heat resistance and excellent impact performance. The inclusion of a shock sensor, tamper switch, low volume siren buzzer, flashing red LED warning light and instant smart phone alert notifications ensures the product is safeguarded against vandalism or unwanted tampering.

  • The device features an easy to set up and install smartphone App that can pair with any smart device. The App connects to five unique sensors that can be managed in any one or more combinations to trigger an alarm. These sensors can operate independently or connect to an existing network of ATF surveillance cameras. In the event of an alarm, an alert is immediately sent directly to all registered users via push notification and/or email, creating an 'electronic neighbourhood watch' type alert system. Real-time notifications provide the added benefit of being able to take immediate action if necessary.

  • The customised Smartphone App allows the user to monitor multiple sites, arm or disarm multiple devices on these sites, enable users and manage alerts and notifications at the touch of a button. The App has been developed for both IOS and Android smart phones.

    The multi-sensor alarm uses leading edge-based IoT technology and is a world first in the security surveillance field. The five unique sensors are specialised to detect movement, vibration, sound, light and tamper. The standard movement sensor lens has a range of 15 metres with a 140 degree coverage angle, making the device practical and effective for various residential, commercial and industrial sites. For other applications the movement lens can be changed allowing for various angles of view and distances of up to 30 metres.

    This product is available for short and long term hire, the pricing structure is flexible with reductions applied based on duration of hire and number of units hired. In short, securing a site will cost less than a cup of coffee per day. Taking just minutes to install, the device can be fixed to any surface using screws or double sided tape. The device also features high battery efficiency (12+ months on 4 x AA batteries) which significantly reduces time and cost associated with maintenance and repair.