Wood Fire Pizza Oven

  • 2023

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    Domestic Appliances

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Polito wood fire ovens

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Giotto is a wood fire oven model designed by Polito ovens, designed and manufactured especially for the residential market. Giotto by polito is lightweight by its category and is able to cook pizza in aprox 30 minutes.

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Image: Giotto BTS in rose
Image: Giotto on hexa stand
Image: Giotto with giotto stand
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  • Creating a beautiful looking pizza oven and to complement the interior and exterior of your home. 15months in R&D until the perfected version 1 was created and ready to market. Testing out all materials and making changes whilst in the process of manufacturing. Completing all risk assessment for its installation methods for the homes, apartments and more.

  • The design layers of the oven was carried out onsite in our factory for its internal and external properties. Continuously testing with smoke and fire and its behaviour. The retention and the radiant heat was researched and tested to all Australian refractory materials and insulation material available. External design of the oven was much more difficult, sourcing a huge amount of material including paint. The most important factor whilst building this product was to keep it local and that was successful executed to date.

  • Visually beautiful appealing to the eye and complementing the space it lives in. Optimum performance in its functionality and longevity for the high quality material used in its construction. Design and construct a lightweight and tiltable for a user friendly installation making easier to scale distribution. Heating time and maintaining heat is super low consumption, to ensure the maximum energy of the firewood is achieved in less then 30 minutes. eg: >300 degrees C

  • Many different types of installation option are available. Used for mobile use in a commercial space for its commercial grade use.