Atellica DCA Analyzer

  • 2021

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    Medical and Scientific

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United States of America

The Atellica® DCA Analyzer is a multi-parameter, point-of-care (POC) analyzer for monitoring glycemic control in patients with diabetes and detecting early kidney disease. Designed in the United States of America, this devices is compact, portable, and fully customizable.

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  • There were two major challenges we wanted to help solve with Atellica® DCA Analyzer. In many healthcare facilities, POC analyzers are located far away from where the patient is sitting and where the sample is collected. Due to this, sample misidentification may occur if the operator is distracted by another patient and or dealing with high volumes. The other challenge to manage is the lack of counterspace available in busy practices, this limits where operators can place POC Analyzers.

  • Because the Atellica® DCA Analyzer has a detachable portable display with a built-in barcode reader it has the ability to link the patient ID to the patient sample away from the Analyzer. While in front of the patient, the operator can scan or enter the Patient ID, scan the cartridge barcode, and link patient information to the sample eliminating the possibility of sample misidentification. With counterspace at a premium in healthcare facilities the Atellica® DCA Analyzer is one of the smallest and lightest HbA1c analyzers on the market with a dimension of only 15.25 cm wide by 22.25 cm deep.

  • The Atellica® DCA Analyzer is designed to make diabetes testing fast and efficient. This is important to ensure timely patient consultation and treatment path. As stated above, with a detachable display this device should be very significant in reducing preanalytical errors in healthcare facilities.

  • WiFi connectivity allows secure transmission from anywhere in the facility Bluetooth-connected printer can be placed out of the way Handheld removable display-which can control up to three test modules at once