Baby Bum Shower

  • 2021

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Wats & Co PTY LTD

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Founded by twin sisters, Jess & Samantha, Baby Bum Shower is an easy to use and environmentally friendly solution to single-use wipes. The Australian designed small hand-held device delivers pH neutral soap and water or just water, reducing the need for wet or dirty nappy wipes.

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  • To create a device that is able to emit a spray or squirt, in the palm of the hand whilst upside down. We needed a device that was compact, non leak and controlled the amount of water emitted over the perineum, in order to provide water with less mess. It needed to be cute and attractive to encourage the consumer to want to improve and become emotionally involved in bettering hand and perineal hygiene. All whilst be an environmentally sustainable solution to single use plastic.

  • We remove single use plastics (wet wipes) for WET nappies and reduce the use of wipes down to two wipes for DIRTY nappies. We are a reusable solution to alcohol hand gels, in that we provide access to portable WATER/soap and water anywhere, anytime. Our device is cute, compact, and non-leak, so can be carried in even the pant pocket. We add water to the nappy changing process which removes and reduces wipes and provides the capability for hand hygiene ON-THE-GO.

  • We save the consumer a minimum of 6 wipes per day, (based on 6 wet nappy changes a day, as a newborn will have at least 6 wet nappies a day) thats 2190 a year per child and a potential 3 billion wipes into removed from landfill each year worldwide. This is based an approx 140 million babies born per year as per the United Nations.

  • The BBS has the ability to be adapted into multiple markets extending beyond babies and children. Any action that requires water, soap and water for skin and hygiene purposes, can benefit from the BBS. We are marketed to children 0-3 for nappy changing however can progress into; - Perineal hygiene for the vulnerable patient e.g hospitals, nursing homes. - Hand washing for all ages adults and children - Toilet training 3-5 (bird bathing child after a wet bed in the middle of the night) - Cleansing and rinsing of personal items ON-THE-GO, e.g. menstrual cups. - Perineal hygiene while camping. We provide the ability for parents to add warm water to the nappy changing process, particularly important in colder climates. We are made of food grade silicone and are therefore antimicrobial and recyclable. We provide the consumer the ability to choose their solution for their child and can cater for all skin types and skin concerns, in one device.