Versa Vertical Bike Rack

  • 2023

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    Automotive and Transport

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The Versa vertical bike rack effortlessly caters for family use and mountain biker shuttle runs alike. The integrated features allow for small children’s bikes through to large adult ebikes, whilst trike and Adaptive eMTB transport is also possible. A rack light is also integrated as standard, for courtesy and safety.

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  • Vertical racks traditionally targeted a very narrow range of bikes and users. Often, BMX bikes use a makeshift padding and small children’s bikes can’t be carried at all, meaning they are thrown loose in the car boot. Also, conventional racks can’t readily be scaled up or down, and upgrades to assist with lifting/lowering aren’t possible. Facility for the rear lamps and licence plate is usually not included or else very poor, meaning the driver can’t signal intentions to other road users, potentially creating frustration and dangerous situations. Storage and ‘living with the rack’ off the car is also often neglected.

  • Versa’s Wheel Basket boasts an additional Sidecar bar for BMX wheels, in conjunction with the main basket for typical sizes for junior MTB through to full size adult e-bikes. A 16inch small bike for a 4-year-old can be carried by simply adding our conventional Wheel Hoop Reducer and flipping around the Mini-Taco rear wheel channel to hold the shorter wheelbase. The modular design is symmetrical, easily enabling 2-4-6 bike conversion and even allows a trike to hang on one or both sides. The design has facility for future improvements to be added to market and users to upgrade if desired.

  • The design enables families to easily go out without fuss for various bikes. Frame clash and loading is made easier with the symmetrical design and Sidecar Wheel Baskets. Raising and lowering upgrades allow people with diminished upper body strength to confidently use the rack. Full-featured racks can be stored more easily at home, even for those without a garage. Adaptive riders who are wheelchair bound can experience autonomy and independence, improving their ability to get out more often and with other similar riders - ideally, no assistance is needed from others. More people have access to better bike transport.

  • We wanted a versatile vertical bike rack, that caters to more user profiles and their various needs, plus considered their entire user experience over the lifetime of ownership, not just on the days when the rack is used. This included many small details around: manual handling, ease of proper use, kids bikes, scaling & selling parts, wheelchair riders, community, integrated lights, storage & fitting, longevity and value for money. Versa inspires buyer confidence with parts being interchangeable and retrofit upgrades possible, making the investment choice easier. Each bike spot can take 30kg and fat tyres up to 4inch, accommodating a wider range of bikes. It is a modular platform, whereby Wheel Baskets can be swapped out for an Adaptive or Trike-Pack of inline Wheel Baskets and Extended Mini-Taco. The hub uses a patent pending “Pressure Wheel” design that delivers firm yet smooth rotation. Twin-Pins ensure a safe and solid rack when driving fully loaded. Our design and production departments worked in close collaboration to deliver a clever rack, that is convenient and serves more bikes for more people.