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  • 2017

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Arlo Pro from NETGEAR is the world’s most advanced and versatile wire-free, weather-proof HD smart home security camera featuring quick-charge rechargeable batteries, two-way audio and an ultra-wide 130-degree field of view and includes advancements across all areas of wire-free camera technology including innovations in video, night vision and activity detection.

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  • The Arlo Pro camera and base station were designed to have a sleek, stylish wire-free compact design that takes up minimal space. The camera's compact organic form factor was designed to allow it to integrate smoothly into any environment either inside or outside of the home. The design language of the Arlo Pro is such that it conveys an approachable non-divisive aesthetic that appeals to a wide consumer demographic. Arlo cameras are designed to be a break from the norm when considering home security. The products are designed to be sympathetic and not convey the traditional image of a spy or monitoring device.

  • The crux of the Arlo Pro product is that both the camera and the system in general is a simple product to both install and configure and at the same time be feature rich. The camera is designed to be easily mounted using the included magnet mounting which can be used both indoors and outdoors. The Arlo Pro interface provides the user with easy to access recordings of security events direct tot he user's smart phone or tablet and is also the interface through which the user can interact with the camera's two-way audio functions.

  • By the nature of the product category the Arlo Pro camera system is intended to help product the user's home, possessions and loved ones from harm by adding an added layer of easy to install peace of mind through the addition of a highly intuitive and simple to use and configure smart home security system. Recordings produced in the Arlo system are securely saved in the cloud for free for a period of 7 days. The simple to use interface allows the user to easily configure security schedules when they would like the cameras to be active. Alternatively the cameras can be manually armed and disarmed as desired.

  • Arlo Pro is designed and produced to the highest quality standards, as are all products produced by NETGEAR. The external finish of the camera and base station are designed to reflect the premium price-point which the product commands and as a result the surface finish both in terms of their aesthetic and the tactile components reflect those ideals. In order for the Arlo Pro camera to be suitable for both the indoor and outdoor settings the materials have been carefully selected to ensure both color and structural stability throughout their intended life cycles.

    The Arlo Pro camera, NETGEAR's second generation camera product is continuing the market dominance the the first generation product helped the company achieve. As the product has been designed from the ground up for both ease of installation & usage while at the same time having a sympathetic design language it has helped to shake up and home security market and provide consumers with a product which affords them added peace of mind as a security product without the aesthetic commonly associated with home monitoring devices. The investment in design with regard to this program has been returned many times over and continues to be a success story for NETGEAR as a company.

    The Arlo Pro camera is a product of the ongoing innovation which exists within the Arlo product family. The Pro camera features advancements in power usage, returning an industry leading 6 months on a single battery charge. Additionally the Pro camera provides the consumer with the option to hard-wire their cameras if preferred, this gives the consumer the maximum degree of mounting flexibility ensuring they can easily meet all of their needs when placing their cameras. Advancements in the field of camera lenses and sensors can be seen in the inclusion of an ultra-wide 130-degree field of view camera along with advanced motion detection and integrated night vision capabilities.