Aqua IP66 Ceiling Fan

  • 2020

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

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Philip Allen

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The Hunter Pacific International, ‘Aqua IP66’ fan represents a world-first, patented and design registered advance in technology used to create ceiling fans across all applications. The Aqua IP66’s fully sealed polymer blades and motor housing mean it is completely dust and waterproof, and able to be utilised in all climates.

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  • We were tasked with the challenge to design a ceiling fan which is not only beautiful, but can also stand up to the tough Australian conditions. All of our fans are costal rated, however we strived to create a ceiling fan which would be the first of its kind, with an IP66 rating. This would allow installation in areas which would have previously been untouched, such as the unpredictable dusty environments in the middle of Australia, all the way to the wet and humid coastal shores of this great land.

  • The Aqua IP66 Ceiling Fan by Hunter Pacific is like no other, and incorporates full protection from dust particles, as well as protection from high pressure water jets (projected by a nozzle 12.5mm) from any direction through its Polymer body and blades. The completely sealed motor allows the Aqua fan to be installed in a huge range of environments, and can withstand the harsh conditions, be they dry and dusty, or wet and humid. With traditional ceiling fans, particles of dust and water can enter the motor through small openings, creating issues, and eventually leading to the fans demise.

  • The impact of 'Aqua IP66' Ceiling fan is in its many applications. The ability to have a functioning DC ceiling fan withstanding extreme dust and water allows benefits from the increased airflow, without the use of traditional methods such as air-conditioning, saving both power and the environment. Not only is a ceiling fan beneficial in hot climates, it can also be reversed, to push hot air down in cooler climates. Cleaning is a huge concern to many, who struggle to clean a ceiling fan safely, and without damage. The Aqua is a stand-out in that it can be simply hosed.

  • It's increased resilience to deterioration means that the 'Aqua IP66' is suited perfectly to the Australian environment, and can be used either indoors, or more commonly outdoors and in coastal areas. The unique, innovative design, by Philip Allen here in Australia lends itself to the immense possibilities of the Aqua IP66 ceiling fan. Available in 2 different finishes, white and matt black, the Aqua can also be supplied with an in-built LED light. The DC motor is extremely quiet and energy efficient, using as little as 2W on low speed. The Aqua comes with a 6-speed remote control, and is also compatible with our innovative DC Wall controller. With its 52” (1320mm) diameter, the Aqua can move air at a rate of 14,286m3/hr. The construction of the Aqua, being of Polymer body and blades, also means that the common pitting or rusting in most fans, even with outdoor coastal rating is a thing of the past. With reduced problems, and increased longevity comes a product which will stand the test of time, and help reduce the rate of disposable, and products ending up in landfill every year.