ana tomy Classic Series: Customisable Notebook & Planner

  • 2019

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ana tomy

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The ana tomy Classic Series is a customisable and personalisable notebook/planner/sketchbook that allows you to be a part of the design process and customise the notebook to your preference. It is beautiful, made-to-order and designed by you.

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  • 1.Notebooks are becoming a thing of the past and people are going digital and we want to challenge that. We need the most beautiful notebook with a great reason for the user to use it. 2.Notebooks/Planners are all pre-formatted and often there are a lot of pages that are un-used and wasted - We want to create a made-to-order book designed by the user so that he/she can maximise its usage. 3.We want to unleash the creativity in Everyone in Creating their book. We want it to be Easy and Fun.

  • 1.We have designed the product and re-engineered the manufacturing process to allow us to reduce the time to make the custom book from days to 10minutes. 2.With a minimalist design and using quality materials, the Classic Series notebook is one of the most beautiful notebook product around. 3.We have designed the customisation options, user experience and created a visual customiser where the you can visually configure the book in an easy, and fun manner. 4.Because the book is beautiful+designed by you, it creates an emotional connection that will make you treasure and use it more.

  • We have allowed our consumers to create a book of their imagination in a simple, fun manner (We are the LEGO of notebooks). Because it's designed by the user, there will be significant reduction of wastage because the book is designed base on how he/she wants to use it. By being made-to-order, we eliminated excess, unsellable finished goods that need to disposed of (This is especially true for diaries). Because its so beautiful and designed by him/her, we believe it will create an emotional connection that will bring him/her joy to write more.

  • Fully concealed cover The custom developed cloth spine is meticulously assembled by hand to hold the book covers, discreetly concealing the twin loop wires that secure the pages together. Not only is it customisable, it also achieves full modularity with Adaptable Notebook Architecture (A.N.A.) to suit different lifestyles and activities. Pull out, tuck in — the Classic has never been more ready for you and your plans. Available in paper or cloth. Flexible insert paper combination You may customise your notebook from a wide selection of insert papers that contain a basic collection of blank, ruled, dotted or grid formats. Our customisable planner also includes annual calendar, to-do lists, perpetual monthly and weekly planner as well as layouts for learning and progress tracking. A notebook is now much more than just a stack of papers, let ana tomy accompany you through day and night. Reusable packaging More than securing your customised notebook or planner in place, this packaging is designed to be repurposed as a storage box to archive your notebook inserts. Made to Order, Individually Crafted Personal Notebook From covers, insert papers, down to securing it with a band, you are the master of your own creation.