Senquip ORB

  • 2022

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Designed By:

  • David Powers
  • Norman Ballard

Commissioned By:

Norman Ballard

Designed In:


The Senquip ORB is a rugged, programmable telemetry device that connects any industrial sensor or system to the Senquip Portal or any server. Senquip connects remote machines operating in harsh conditions to the internet.

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Image: Greg Knowles, Work Air Techchnologies
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  • Internet of Things (IoT) for the harsh Australian environment is difficult! Extreme temperature and humidity paired with corrosive, vibrating environments test devices to destruction. Remote sites provide challenges for communications, and limit service opportunities. Varied applications from small generators to massive excavators make interface specification vast and operating modes complex. The harsh conditions and remoteness that make IoT so complex also make it essential and cost effective. These conditions wear down machines, meaning regular inspection regimes, an unpleasant and often unsafe function for people who travel vast distances between jobs, but perfect for remote monitoring with appropriately designed IoT devices.

  • The Senquip ORB is designed from the ground up, focussing on the needs of industrial users to provide reliability and flexibility at the right price. Through smart design and clever materials choice, the enclosure protects against the harsh environmental conditions and is strong, waterproof (IP67), and corrosion resistant. Use of emerging 5G Machine 2 Machine communications networks and local fall-back to Wi-Fi allows the Senquip ORB to be used in remote regions with confidence. Clever use of interface electronics paired with smart software that allows users to perform advanced functions with JavaScript provides the required flexibility across applications.

  • Sales in Australia and internationally are scaling with mining, utilities, transport, and industrial automation companies. Customers value the quality and flexibility brought by the Senquip-ORB in ever more diverse applications. People are benefiting as work environments become safer through monitoring. The quality of their day improves as they focus on extracting value from data rather than collecting that data. Companies are benefitting through better management of their assets. Savings are being achieved through reduced fuel and oil consumption. Preventative maintenance programs are enabled. Machine utilisation is improved. The environment is benefitting through environmental measurement allowing improved flood and bushfire response.

  • Senquip provides an end-to-end solution for clients wanting to connect machines and sensors to the internet. Communication is achieved using Wi-Fi and 5G CAT-M1 with a fallback to older technologies. CAT-M1 provides exceptional coverage at data rates sufficient to perform over the air firmware updates. Senquip takes the challenge of cyber-security seriously and utilises public-key-infrastructure as a part of their security solution to create a unique, trusted, and protected identity for every device. The Senquip ORB provides an interface to any industrial sensor, and connects using voltage, current, frequency, duty cycle, RS232, RS485, MODBUS, CAN, Bluetooth, and other common industrial interfaces. Devices can be powered by AA batteries and last years, with solar or from 10V to 75V DC. Data measured by the ORB can be edge processed by user written JavaScript. Scripts allow mathematical manipulation of measured data, data parsing, generation of custom alerts, control of outputs, and the creation of customised data packets. As well as sending data to the Senquip Portal for storage and display, the Senquip ORB will additionally send the data to a customer server. We believe in data ownership and the freedom of customers to have the data go where they want.