Samsung Add Wash

  • 2017

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

Designed By:

  • Samsung Electronics

Commissioned By:

Samsung Electronics

Designed In:

South Korea

Samsung has fundamentally changed the front loader washers with their AddWash TM range.

AddWash TM offers the ability to pause a front-loader wash cycle, open a separate hatch and add in additional items or fabric softener at any time during the wash*.

* Add door can be opened at any time if the temperature inside the drum is below 50℃ and the drum has stopped spinning.

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  • A major step in Samsung front loader washers as it gives Australian consumers the ability to add to their washing once the load has started. It allows consumers to add that forgotten sock or fabric softener to the wash mid-cycle, meaning no items will be left behind. This behaviour would typically have occurred in top load washers and is a pain point for the majority of front load washer users. The AddWash™ feature works as follows: • Simply press pause • Open the AddWash™ door • Add that forgotten item or fabric softener and press pause again to resume washing

  • • Wash small loads (2KG and less of lightly soiled laundry) in 15 minutes with the Quick Wash Feature • Wash loads up to 5kg in less than 1 hour (59 minutes) with the Super Speed Feature (Available on WW85K6410QX AddWash™ and WW11K8412OW AddWash™)

  • WiFi control across 11KG and 16KG models, which gives Australians the ability to keep track of their wash progress, minute by minute. Samsung's Smart Control function lets you stop, start and adjust your wash cycle from your compatible smart phone device^. You can check the washing from the sofa, the office or even when out and about

  • The 16Kg and 13KG AddWash™ models are washer/condenser dryer combos. This means Australians can wash and dry their clothes in one machine, making it great for wet weather days or apartments without clotheslines. The AddWash™ is also designed to be extra-large capacity, making it easier to do more washing per load. Less washing, more life!