Quay Dining Table

  • 2022

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    Furniture and Lighting

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King Living

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The Quay Dining Table range with its product hero extension table quietly excels in performance both indoors and outdoors. Designed in Australia by the King Living in-house design team, the Quay table range is the perfect complement to the Quay dining chair range.

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  • The Quay Dining Table project brief sought to introduce an extension dining table into the KING range which improved on the user experience of existing solutions available in the market. The key improvement opportunities were identified to be relating to the seamless operation of the extension function, uncompromising aesthetics between compact and extension configurations, and a highly practical material palette with durability and long-term serviceability in mind.

  • The resulting Quay Dining table beautifully responds to our laidback Australian lifestyle and love for outdoor entertaining. It delivers on improvement opportunities in having a sleek, continuous ceramic top which in compacted state has no break lines and gives nothing away of its extension functionality. Sliding out the aluminium frame reveals internally stored extension leaves and requires only single-user operation. The frame fits up to 2 extension inserts, giving the 6-seater table 4 extra table settings and taking it to an expansive 10-seater spanning 2.9 m in length.

  • While simplicity is the prevailing aesthetic principal, the Quay table is extremely sophisticated in designed details that unveil through use. The modularity of the components also allows King to offer the Quay dining table in 4, 6 and 8-seater fixed sizes and 6-seater extension and compact 4-seater extension options to accommodate any size space. The Quay Dining Table has been developed so all components can be easily replaced if required, extending the lifespan of the product beyond that of any individual component. The table can also be completely disassembled at end of life.

  • In this range King Living continues to deliver on it’s promise to customers through applying the King Design principles of timeless style, modularity/flexibility, convenience & sustainable serviceability. The flat pack structure by way of stainless steel bolt assembly method locks each leg to the frame and enables the legs to be removed when moving or navigating tight spaces. Adjustable foot caps for levelling against uneven terrains come standard. This allows the effortless freedom and flexibility. Available in fixed and extension versions, in ceramic and powder coat for outdoors, or marble or timber top with veneer wrapped frame for indoors, the Quay table is designed to be elegant, outstandingly accommodating, with an acute attention to detail much like a good host.