• 2020

  • Social Impact

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  • Frost*collective
  • Creative Director: Anthony Donovan
  • Lead Designer: Sarah Gladwell, Head Designer: Chris Griffiths
  • Writer: Ryan Curtis, Designer: Benny Hinman

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For more than 30 years, ACON has supported gay men to have happy and healthy sex lives. We have designed many successful campaigns for the Ending HIV movement but as always testing remains as important as ever. We always endeavour to reach the ultimate goal of ending HIV infections forever.

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  • Our remit was to keep testing front and centre of HIV prevention efforts, by urging all gay and bisexual men across NSW from Bega to Byron Bay, Broken Hill to Bondi to continue to test regularly for HIV and STIs. No one likes being told what to do, right? Especially when the stigma around testing is unfortunately still present. So rather than being led by the notorious doom-and-gloom narratives of the 80s, we wanted to develop an approach that was strong in positivity.

  • Our response was ‘WE TEST’: a state wide campaign that reinforces HIV testing as a health habit that is culturally ingrained in the community and encourages gay and bisexual men of all backgrounds and in all communities to incorporate regular HIV and STI screenings as a central part of their lives.

  • 474,772 visits to the Ending HIV website were achieved during the campaign period, with 627,340 pageviews – the highest of all the Ending HIV campaigns to date. Advertising prompted respondents to take action, with 44 percent of survey respondents who had seen the advertisements saying they took some action as a result. This included visiting the Ending HIV website or Facebook page, seeking out an HIV/STI test, and searching for PrEP information.