Braemar 7 Star equivalent Ducted Gas Heater

  • 2015

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The Braemar 7 Star ducted gas heater! Launched in March 2015, the Braemar 7 Star ducted gas heater has the highest star rating and is the most efficient conventional ducted gas heater in the world! The 7 star heater has shifted the paradigm of the star rating system in Australia, as the current rating system only offers a maximum of 6 stars, encouraging the Australian Gas Association (AGA) to reconsider the rating system. It represents a major breakthrough for the industry, significantly reducing energy usage and the impact on the environment. The key features include a cost saving of $577 per year and a reduction in CO2 emissions of 1.99 tonnes per year compared to a 3 star ducted gas heating model.

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  • Star ratings measure what percentage of energy used in the heating process is converted into heat, so, the higher the star rating, the closer to 100% of the energy is being converted into heat. When you consider that each additional star equates to 10-15% in energy savings, the new Braemar 7 star uses up to 36% less energy than a three star ducted gas heater and 18% per cent less than a five star. Braemar 7 star provides an efficiency increase of some 1.5% over the previous 6.8 star model. It is redefining the star rating system in Australia.

  • The Braemar 7 star is the first ducted gas heater in Australia to have an inverter-controlled room fan motor. This significantly increases the efficiency of the room fan, and significantly reduces its electricity consumption. Figures that are included in the energy labelling test report, from the Australian Gas Association¹s independent NATA-endorsed laboratory, confirm electrical savings of 31% under heavy load (cold outside) test conditions, and a massive 80% under light load (not as cold outside) test conditions.

  • Now available on Braemar heaters, the 7 star ducted gas heater is packaged exclusively with the MagIQtouch Controller which allows for zoning in up to 10 areas. It features a 'smart' touch screen, similar in size to an iPhone. The practice of reaching out and touching icons on a screen comes intuitively even to those without computer skills. The self-explanatory symbols lead to an easy-to-understand menu. Touch screen technology has allowed us to present the customer with a much cleaner and more intuitive interface. Features and modes are displayed and accessed in a much more transparent way.

  • Exclusive to Braemar, the Softair™ function delivers continuous warm air and ensures no cold drafts. When the heater is turned on, there is a soft, warm breeze, rather than a blast of cold air through the vents as the heater warms up.

    The InShot Burner™ shapes the flame for maximum heat, minimising gas wastage for higher efficiency. The burners are made of long-life aluminium, manufactured by Seeley International, which reduces maintenance requirements.

    Most current ducted gas heaters in Australia use a fan to generate combustion air flow, and use pressure switches to enable the heater to reduce its gas input, or turn the heater off if the combustion air flow rate is reduced, for example, due to restrictive flue system or excessive wind on the flue. The Braemar TQS7 is the first ducted gas heater to combine combustion pressure sensing and a variable-speed combustion air fan that enables the heater controls to automatically adjust the speed of the combustion air fan to maintain the desired combustion air flow rate. This makes it possible for the heater to adjust its operation to suit the wide range of flue systems and wind conditions encountered. For the end user, this means a heater that is better optimised for each installation, and is less likely to be affected by external conditions such as wind.