Logitech MX Mechanical Range

  • 2023

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    Consumer Electronics

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Logitech Europe S.A.

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Low-profile mechanical keyboards for productivity

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  • With MX Mechanical Logitech introduces the best professional mechanical keyboard for advanced users. Having the ability to work on multiple operating systems MX Mechanical targets the new generation of software developers and creatives from a gaming background. Having built experience expectation from gaming products this cohort is now seeking a professional and refined product to match functionality and aesthetics of their workspace. MX Mechanical combines low profile mechanical typing with the best of Logitech’s high end experiences: reprogrammable keys, curated backlighting effects, multi-OS connectivity, compatible with Logitech Flow.

  • MX Mechanical uses low profile keys and a slim body to deliver mechanical keyboard quality is a contemporary package. The construction uses as few parts as possible employing an aluminum top case to improve both the quality and the durability of the product. Side-polish finishing highlights the use of real metal to convey a refined and understated appearance more suited to office settings than traditional mechanical keyboards.

  • Logitech has identified a new opportunity to serve users passionate about mechanical typing and set out to address their needs by developing a solution suited for a productivity-first environment. The aluminum used for the top-case in keyboards is manufactured using renewable energy. Low-Carbon Aluminium has just a fraction of the environmental impact of traditionally manufactured aluminum. The team chose this alternative aluminum supply for this keyboard in order to reduce the overall product impact. The color palette was also selected to maximize the use of post consumer recycled plastics. The plastic parts comprise of 45% certified post consumer recycled plastic.

  • MX mechanical keyboards are the first mechanical keyboards made for productivity in the MX Master Series portfolio. Advanced users can now choose their typing preference and size preference, without compromising on the beloved productivity features such as smart backlighting, multi-OS compatibility, multi-device pairing and USB C charging cable that you can work while you charge. Both products are designed for sustainability - this means that from the materials, to sourcing, production, packaging and distribution - the whole process was designed to reduce its impact on our world. Read more here