3T stainless steel laminated prefilter-J3325-SDG-3000

  • 2021

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    Hardware and Building

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Luo Yong

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The 3T Stainless Steel Laminated Prefilter is applied to the main water channel of the home to improve the quality of tap water. Developed in China, this product meets the needs of both homeowners and tenants.

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  • The design cycle is 18 months. The design difficulty is to break through the existing stainless steel mesh filtration method and adopt the food grade PP high-precision laminated filtration technology; the differentiated modeling design of the space module highlights the technical points and improves the value and professional sense of the product.

  • The front and back sides of the lamination have long and thin channels with a height of 30 microns. The channels have a certain taper from the outside to the inside. The multi-layer laminations are superimposed and combined to form a filter assembly, which is compressed layer by layer (spring compression), so as to realize normal filtration and flushing filtration, the precision is up to 30um. Compared with the single-layer filter of steel mesh, the filter space of the laminated slender channel is longer, and the purification effect is better.

  • The product is targeted at middle and high-end consumers, and the high-precision lamination technology of food grade PP material is adopted to improve the competitiveness of the product; Stainless steel valve head, environmental protection, lead-free, durable; This product does not produce waste water in the water purification process, does not need electricity, energy saving and environmental protection.

  • 1, All inclusive design, space capsule style design, full of sense of technology, equipment and professionalism. 2, Food grade stainless steel valve head, environmental protection, lead-free, durable 3, Food grade PP lamination, filtration accuracy up to 30% μ m. New experience 4, The unique patent technology of cyclone separation and precision filtering channel has better purification effect 5, Unique anti clogging, rotary flushing patented technology, the filter is not easy to block 6, Pressure gauge design, real-time monitoring of water pressure 7, In the process of water purification, there is no need for electricity, no waste water, safe and environmental protection