360fly 4K

  • 2017

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

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United States

360 degrees isn’t just a field of view.

It’s capturing everything you see all around you, from here to the horizon in all directions, with you at the epicenter of countless once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Now with the 360fly 4K camera, it’s even easier to integrate seamlessly into your adventure.

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  • Our 360fly 4K is the only camera you'll ever need: shooting videos and photos in full 360º or classic 16:9 POV. Videos and photos are sharper than ever with a 4K 2880 x 2880 pixel output. With live streaming, our camera lets viewers “see-what-I-see” in real time from your point-of-view or swipe around and explore the full surrounding environment. With the 360fly 4K camera it's even easier to integrate seamlessly into your adventure universal ¼ 20 mount at the bottom allows users to connect with an array of accessories. And with the 360fly mobile and desktop apps editing and sharing your content has never been easier. This is bigger than a just a camera, this is capturing your experiences like never before.

  • Every detail in the 360fly 4K was painstakingly engineered from the inside out to thrive in strenuous environments meeting the demanding needs of extreme users. The camera is resistant to impact, mud, extreme temperatures, and waterproof submersion down to depths of 33 feet. The lens is state of the art: machined, polished, and made by precisely combining nine sub-lenses for perfect optics, and our unique approach uses a single imager, under a single lens, for seamless 4K 360º video output. Dual internal die-cast aluminum chassis align components and aid in heat dissipation while the iconic polygon faceted shell, which skins the design, is resin coated in soft feel for a pleasant touch and resistance to wear.

  • Today's action cameras allow us to share what we've done. We are searching to share what we are doing. We believe this discrepancy, the lag between past tense communication and present tense sharing, needs to get shorter. It is this inevitable evolution of our social connectivity that has not yet been addressed. As avid believers in photography and innovation, the 360fly team understood that the collision of technology and social need is at the cusp of creating a better social experience, and with the 360fly 4k camera the user can live record, livestream and/or share directly from the integrated app to social media sites, connecting the user to the world.

  • The 360fly 4K is specifically designed to bring action to the audience, providing clear and immersive 360˚ video. This “See what I see!” approach has been our guiding principle. Paired with our App, it is easy to share experiences such as skydiving, snorkeling or conference room meetings in real time, while using a smartphone or tablet. Easily capture video or snap a picture through the easy to use app our user is capable of choosing and editing desired footage into one continuous film that can be directly posted to different social media sites. Coupled with VR goggles and the 360fly app, the user has the ability to experience 360° video content in a more immersive way, as now they are part of a virtual world.