SIEMENS iQ700 StudioLine 60cm and 45cm Ovens

  • 2023

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    Domestic Appliances

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BSH Hausgeräte

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The Siemens iQ700 studioLine cooking range prides itself on offering best in class features and cooking results, while allowing cutting-edge technology to do the hard work. Epicurean delights are easy to achieve in this range of minimalistic and sophisticated ovens that features the use of AI and Home Connect technology.

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  • The brief for the latest evolution of the iQ700 studioLine ovens was to enhance the premium design of the range and push the boundaries of what technologically streamlined cooking can be. The aim to was to create a range of ovens that not only better fit a truly minimalist aesthetic, but also assists the consumer in moving into the future of smart home technology that is properly integrated into the functionality of kitchen appliances and cooking.

  • The considered design approach showcases a range that is understated yet confident. The iQ700 studioLine ovens become a seamless addition to the kitchen aesthetic, while quietly boasting an unparalleled functionality. Technological advancements can be found in features such as fullSteam Plus and the advanced Assist functions, while Home Connect allows you to control your oven via voice commands to enhance the cooking experience like never before. The iQ700 also succeeds in redefining how user-friendly the interface can be, thus changing how we interact with cooking appliances on a daily basis.

  • The design of the user interface has been completely reimagined to shift the way in which the consumer engages and interacts with the iQ700 studioLine ovens. The premium materials coupled with the innovative technological features create an end result that is class leading in terms of design, functionality and reliability. Taking the hard work out of creating delicious and nutritious meals, the iQ700 ovens become the next level of culinary support in the kitchen, the likes of which are rarely seen in built-in appliances. When a daily necessity such as cooking becomes seamless with smart living, the impact is interminable.

  • The iQ700 studioLine cooking range is backed by a 5-year warranty providing peace of mind in regards to reliability. The HS958GDD1S iQ700 built-in oven, with full steam cooking functionality, can be plumbed, eliminating the need for a water tank that needs refilling to operate the steam function. The HN978GQB1B iQ700 built-in oven with added steam and microwave function has an Individual Browning feature that is powered by AI technology to evaluate the browning level based on images taken by the integrated camera. The oven then switches itself off when the selected level of browning is achieved. The camera also allows you to check your dish from your smartphone. Full steam models feature fullSteam Plus, which steams food at temperatures up to 120°, speeding up cooking times, whilst helping to retain vitamins. Each model in the iQ700 range incorporates Home Connect smart technology. The coolStart function eliminates the need for preheating, even for frozen food. The new range also features a glass handle, allowing it to blend into the oven door when looking at the appliance. This makes the handle near invisible and helps the oven to appear seamless in any kitchen, while still being bold and deliberate in its design.