How Design Transforms Business is the inaugural program launched by the Australian Design Council, to show how design can deliver growth, and in turn, national prosperity.

Developed in partnership with Food Innovation Australia Limited (FIAL), the program consists of a series of Case Studies, a Roundtable and a National Design Challenge to show how design can be used as a strategic tool to deliver growth and national prosperity.

In partnership with the Food and Agribusiness Growth Centre who trade as Food Innovation Australia Limited (FIAL), the inaugural program will be focusing initially on the Food and Agribusiness Sector – selected based on its potential for growth from a A$61bn to a A$200bn sector by 2030.

Food and Beverage Manufacturing, the post-farmgate activities of the sector, is one of six National Manufacturing Priorities in the Federal Government’s Modern Manufacturing Strategy.

Find out more about the program and read the Case Studies here.

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