Zip HydroTap Arc and Zip HydroTap Cube Design Range

  • 2015

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    Domestic Appliances

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Zip Industries

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Zip Industries brings you the brilliant new generation of the world’s most advanced drinking water appliance – the Zip HydroTap – in new design styles and colours for any type of kitchen!

The new Zip HydroTap Design Range includes two new design styles, the Zip HydroTap Arc
and the Zip HydroTap Cube.

These models have been developed to respond to consumer needs while having all the best Zip HydroTap features, combined with innovative new G4 technology.

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  • The Zip HydroTap delivers filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling drinking water, instantly all from one tap.

  • The Zip HydroTap is available in a range of different finishes - bright chrome, brushed chrome, matt back and gloss black. The Zip HydroTap Design Range styles have been developed to blend into contemporary kitchens. They have also been specifically designed to match a lot of modern tapware on the market today, in both colour and style. The one lever mechanism provides delivery for all forms of water.

  • The Hydrotap Cube and Hydrotap Arc have been designed with unsurpassed user friendly functionality. The single lever on the side of the elegant tap allows the user to first select the type of water they wish to dispense (i.e. Filtered Boiling, Chilled or Sparkling water) instantly. The indicator and the selector button change colour to indicate the water selected. Red for boiling, blue for chilled still and white for chilled sparkling. Once selected, the user pulls the lever forward for hands free continuous filling, or pushes the lever away for momentary dispensing. The continuous dispensing also includes an adjustable shut off feature. If boiling is selected, the safety button illuminates red and must be activated before boiling water can be dispensed. The lights on the handle also provide other information such as usable water temperature, filter change reminders and possible fault with the appliance. These elegant taps are coupled to the all new Hydrotap G4 under bench control system, which now includes unsurpassed user settings and diagnostics from the colour touch screen with a look and feel similar to popular smart phones. A further unique feature is the appliances ability to detect the ambient light levels. This feature allows it to recognise when the lights are turned off at night and the appliance goes to sleep conserving energy.

  • Zip HydroTap G4 helps you achieve your reduced energy targets both at work and at home. The Zip HydroTap G4 is designed to maximize performance in delivery of instant boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered drinking water. More importantly, the new G4 models have taken a quantum leap forward in efficiency by using up to 53% less energy than superseded models. Zip Industries performs to the highest standards of environmental responsibility. We have taken care to ensure that the Zip HydroTap G4 is manufactured sustainably. Zip Industries is the only Australian manufacturer in our category to be accredited with all of the following internationally recognized standards: - ISO14001 - Environmental Systems compliance and independently audited standards. - ISO9001 - Quality Management System. - AS/NZS 4801 - Workplace Health and Safety System.

    The all new Hydrotap Cube and Hydrotap Arc have numerous benefits over anything previously available in the category. The single tap with a single operating lever will provide boiling water, chilled still and chilled sparkling water on tap and instantly available. The tap can be positioned over a sink or on its own unique font with an adjustable spout set up at installation to provide both the optimum angle and height to ensure safe and convenient filling of cups, pots or bottles. The under bench unit is now smaller and more compact than ever before, with a reduction in the all important width by 25% and height by about 10%. The stylish and compact single under bench units houses the advance 0.2 micron triple action filtration system, the boiling water, chilled water and sparkling water generating equipment. The only external element is the CO2 canister and regulator to allow the installer freedom to locate this for quick and easy access for replacement. Two options are provided for the CO2 canisters. The unit is either supplied with two disposable 1kg canisters or one refillable 2.6kg canister. Nothing could be simpler. The health benefits are enormous. All water is filtered down to 0.2 microns, with chlorine and other harmful chemicals being removed. Sparkling water is filtered water with only CO2 added on demand to create the instant fresh sparkling water. Unlike soft drinks that have sugar and preservatives added, this is sparkling water in its purest form.

    Since its introduction over 10 years ago, Zip HydroTap has earned a reputation for unparalleled quality. The new G4 is so reliable that we've confidently extended our warranty to 5 years*. Supported by the largest national company-owned installation and service team in our industry, you will enjoy peace of mind when you choose Zip HydroTap G4. *See website for warranty terms and conditions.

    The Hydrotap Cube and Hydrotap Arc are designed and manufactured in Sydney, Australia by an all Australian owned company. This in itself is a success story against the global and particularly Australian trends in manufacturing. The design has been created by an in-house team, boasting numerous patents. Manufacturing is done using “Just-in-Time” techniques to ensure an internationally competitive manufacturing facility. Approximately 35% of production from Australia is exported around the world to more than 70 countries.