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The Nucleus Paragon is an innovative coffee brewing system designed to capture more aroma volatiles and flavor. It features a patented extract-chilling feature that can capture up to 40% more volatile compounds than traditional methods. The Paragon is versatile, accommodating any pour-over dripper, and made of durable materials.

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Image: Formswell Design
Image: Formswell Design
Image: Formswell Design
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  • The Nucleus Paragon coffee brewing system is responding to the challenge of enhancing the aroma and flavor of coffee. Traditional filter brewing methods result in the immediate loss of aroma volatiles to the environment, leading to a loss of compounds that contribute to the coffee's flavor and aroma. Through our research we know there are more than 100 different aroma volatiles present in coffee, and the unique combination of these aroma volatiles gives coffee its distinctive flavors and aromas. However, many of these aroma volatiles are present in such small quantities that they cannot be detected by the human senses.

  • This innovative brewing system, aims to enhance coffee aroma and flavor through its patented extract-chilling feature. The development process involved collaboration with Zurich University of Applied Sciences to understand the science of coffee aroma volatiles and capture them effectively. The design team created a versatile and user-friendly system that accommodates any pour-over dripper, making it highly adaptable to users' preferred brewing methods. The system's materials were chosen carefully for safety, durability, and sustainability. After three years of research and numerous prototypes, the team successfully designed a brewing system that captures more aroma volatiles and flavor, providing an exceptional coffee experience.

  • From a commercial perspective, it offers coffee shops and home brewers an innovative way to elevate the flavor and aroma of their coffee, giving them a competitive advantage in the market. Environmentally, the system's electricity-free operation reduces energy consumption, and its durable, recyclable die-cast aluminium construction and easy disassembly help minimize waste. Moreover, societally, the Nucleus Paragon has the potential to foster appreciation and understanding of the intricate nuances of coffee flavor and aroma, as well as the underlying science. Overall, the Nucleus Paragon has the potential to positively transform the coffee industry while championing sustainability and education.

  • The Paragon Chilling Rocks are a complementary coffee accessory designed specifically for the Paragon coffee brewing system. They offer four key features to improve coffee extraction: a high-density liquid-filled core that maintains low temperatures for an extended period, food-grade titanium-coated 304 stainless steel construction that ensures durability and safety, a unique sphere shape that promotes even flow and chilling of coffee extract, and a large 1.5-inch diameter that enables quick cooling of large batches of coffee without compromising quality. The Paragon Coffee Brewer is also designed for easy disassembly using only one Allen key, allowing for effortless maintenance and replacement of parts, which makes it more sustainable and cost-effective. Additionally, the product can be flat packed for slimmer packaging, which reduces shipping and storage costs while minimizing its environmental impact. By promoting simple assembly and disassembly, the Paragon Coffee Brewer extends its product lifespan, reduces waste, and supports a circular economy, all while delivering an exceptional coffee brewing experience.