• 2016

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    Consumer Electronics

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Lenovo (Beijing) Ltd.

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The YOGA 900S is stylish and elegant hybrid Ultrabook. It’s different from competition for exceptionally thin thickness and light weight: 12.8mm and 999g. More than 10.5 hours battery life. YOGA 900S adapts to any situation with innovative hinge which provides user the most natural way to transform laptop.

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  • YOGA 900 is shaped like a 'Journal' which is easy and comfortable for users to hold in hands. The 360-degree hinge will provide adaptable support for consumer in different scenarios. With the upgraded watch hinge, open-close experience will be more intuitive.

  • YOGA notebook is the leading product in the industry with the redefined convertible laptop form factor, and it was the first ever product to be designed in this way. Compared with it predecessor, the newest version has the extremely dedicated details and humanized design. The watch hinge is composed of 813 individual components for fluid transitions between modes. The hinge contains six discrete joins which will share the weight of the device and lead to a more smoothly open-close experience. YOGA 900S also uses soft materials to make the typing and holding experience more comfortable.

  • The YOGA900S was made from recyclable materials and achieved the silver level of EPEAT. EPEAT is a comprehensive global environmental rating system that helps purchasers identify greener computers and other electronics.

  • YOGA spirit will leverage Lenovo image and make it more recognizable by consumers. Additionally, this amazing product reached 49% market occupancy in the U.S.

    YOGA 900s is the first laptop created by the lightest carbon fiber (0.87g/cm³web core carbon in laptop A cover). It uses various leading materials to make the appearance design thin and light, including 0.4mm touch glass, 2.5mm backlight keyboard, 0.15mm hybrid thermal film and 0.45mm super magnesium for D cover. With the 360-degree rotation hinge, the multi-mode form factor offers users various usage modes under different scenarios.