YBell Arc

  • 2022

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    Sport and Lifestyle

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YBell Fitness

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The YBell Arc is a 4 in 1 multifunctional fitness device combining the functionality of kettlebell, dumbbell, double grip medicine ball and push-up stand. Our mission statement is one pice of fitness equipment for every body.

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  • The Arc is a development of the YBell Neo range which went down to a 4kg weight. To go lighter we had to develop a new geometry which enabled the weight to drop to 1 and 2.5kg to appeal to a broader range of users. At the same time we wanted the handle sizes and positioning to remain the same for all the lighter weights. The unique shape of YBells means all the weight is distributed throughout the shape of the product.

  • We have always wanted our products to reach as broad a user base as possible and have the potential to give everybody the health and fitness benefits of resistance weight training. The lighter weights of the Arc series appeal to novices, women, seniors and children. Their friendly design and intuitive ease of use allow people with no experience of working out start their fitness journey safely and easily.

  • Development of the Arc light has expanded the product range and market penetration for YBells. The lighter weights can be used for group x training, boxing training, pilates, yoga and barre. Use at home by beginners. Therapeutic use by physiotherapists and rehab experts who appreciate the balance of the weight and control that this gives them. Elite users have been using the Arc for boxing training as well as specific exercises targeting areas like the shoulder joints.

  • The Arc has a user friendly form. Almost playful while still conveying a feeling of technical performance. We want to take the sometimes intimidating nature of weight training away and make it accessible to anybody who wants to try it. Changing the grip changes the equipment. Grabbing the centre handle creates a dumbbell action. Grabbing an outer handle offsets the weight balance and creates a kettlebell action. Grabbing two outer handles creates a med ball action. Grabbing the top handle whilst on the floor creates a push-up stand.