Yard Boot 365

  • 2021

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The Yard Boot 365 is a new boot is the result of a collaboration between Marc Newson and R.M.Williams. This Australian designed shoe is an innovative take on a classic and renowned R.M.Williams boot, appealing to global thinkers, tinkers and creators.

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  • The Gardener Boot, first introduced by R.M.Williams in the late 1950s, was hailed as the ultimate hard-wearing work boot at the time. The boots were intended as the complete answer to "the combined effects of mud, water and sand" and specifically designed for the purpose of working in varied conditions. While the design philosophy of R.M.Williams hasn't changed (designed with purpose for life's adventures), the way we work has. It's with those changes in mind that Marc had to design The Yard Boot 365 in a way that ensured modern workers had an accessible and fashionable boot for the needs.

  • Inspired by the Gardener Boot, Marc pays homage to the hard-working, hard-wearing boot. Designed for both men and women, it draws its name from the iconic Australian term, the 'yard', and '365' because of its intent to be a boot that's able to be worn all year round, no matter the conditions. The boot is made from a single piece of leather, a fully engineered elastic gusset with an iconic R.M.Williams tug, under-foot comfort through the addition of Poron padding under full leather sock lining, and a rubber outsole with a minimum 8mm depth in the tread for maximum grip.

  • Social Impact: The Yard Boot 365 is designed for the modern day worker, wherever they're working. Reasonably priced and accessible to all ages and demographics to allow the wearer to be at their best. Commercial Impact: The Boot has opened the door to a new audience who may have never considered R.M.Williams. Particularly well received in the US and UK, the Yard Boot 365 has contributed to revenue since its launch. Environmental Impact: A very sustainable design, the Yard Boot features R.M.Williams traditional one piece of leather construction, ensuring it's both durable yet economical.

  • The following key design features can be found in the Yard Boot: 1. Handcrafted one piece leather upper with single back seam. 2. Leather lining. 3. Fully engineered elastic gusset. 4. Incorporated tug with R.M.Williams embroidery. 5. Rubber outsole with a minimum depth of 8mm in the tread. 6. Round toe. 7. Collaboration branding with 'Sunray' sole tread pattern.