Yale Unity Security Screen Door Lock

  • 2022

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    Hardware and Building

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Korea, Republic of

The Yale Unity Security Screen Door Lock represents the next generation in smart locking solutions. Designed specifically to suit the needs of the Australian Market, the Unity Security Screen Door Lock delivers all the necessary features for seamless access in a slim and contemporary profile.

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  • Smart locks have been present in the market for a number of years. The designs historically available are often suited for use on the front entry door and adapted from versions developed for other international markets. What was missing for the Australian Market was a solution that not only was suited to our environment which can be one of the harshest for exterior use electronic-based products. This included not discounting the role the security screen door has in securing many of our homes. Creating a smart locking product that could deliver on this was our ultimate goal.

  • The Yale Unity Security Screen Door Lock delivers on the brief by offering all the necessary functions and features of a smart lock in the compact footprint required for this installed application. This is accomplished by optimising our electro-mechanical design in a modular manner to allow for the distribution of the elements to fit neatly into a tiny envelope (252mm x 37 x 20) to suit the space. This not only allows for the product to fit the necessary volume but also protects the aesthetic symmetry of the product which is often overlooked in digital lock design.

  • With well over a million security screen doors installed across Australia, this product offers consumers the ability to obtain a complete key-less smart entry solution for their homes. This solution working seamlessly with our Yale Access App and a compatible entrance lock means they no longer need to compromise convenience by carrying a set of keys or safety by leaving the screen door unlocked when upgrading their home entry locks. For warmer climates, this is especially important as the Screen Door often acts as a primary door in the summer months to allow for better ventilation to cool the home.

  • The Unity Security Screen Door Lock includes deadlocking where the interior and exterior levers are secured, which is an insurance requirement in Australia and something not present in products imported from overseas. The Unity Lock also via use of the Yale Access Ecosystem allows for auto-unlocking using Geo-fencing technology meaning the door will automatically unlock as you approach. Door status alerts, access history and remote management of who can access your home are all integrated seamlessly into this product.