Xinja Debit Card & Welcome Pack


Sydney based creative design agency, ET Collective, designed neobank Xinja’s new debit card as a kickass addition to any wallet – combining latest card technology with vibrant neon colours. For an engaging unboxing experience, the card pack opens with a Xinja face cheekily poking its tongue (the debit card) at you.

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  • How do we capture the essence of a fun, cheeky digital brand and bring it to life in the physical world? Xinja is a vibrant, new and independent neobank that is turning the banking industry on its head. As one of the brand’s only physical touch points, the Xinja debit card, and its accompanying launch pack, needed to embody the brand’s playful personality and offer an engaging and ultimately ‘sharable’ customer experience for a tech-savvy and millennial audience. It was vital that the card and pack would raise brand awareness and visibility online, and in the real world.

  • For maximum cut through, Et designed a card to catch your eye. To appeal to the tech-savvy, the deceptively simple card heroes latest production techniques – combining gradient edge-painting with neon ink, a silver Xinja ‘X’ and a customised magstripe. To bring the brand to life and subvert traditional banking style, the pack was designed as a playful journey of discovery, creating a truly engaging unboxing experience. Not only is the card carrier engineered to cheekily poke it’s tongue out when delivering the card, but it’s supported by long-lasting brand reminders – stickers, coasters and post-its, encouraging customers to "Xinjafy" their lives.

  • Post-launch feedback on the card and pack has been overwhelmingly positive, indicating that not only does the design appeal to Xinja’s target market, but also contributes to an increase in brand awareness and customer acquisition through word-of-mouth and social sharing. Over 100 videos of the pack were created by users and shared on their social networks post launch. Example customer feedback: "And the award for the best creative bank card packaging goes… hands down to @xinjamoney. Like serious, I haven't seen more creative card packing in my entire life. So good to see this for a change ... #Xinjabank #howmoneyshouldbe"

  • – No other card carrier in market has captured their brand to the extent that they have embodied their brand… Our carrier literally becomes a Xinja that delivers the card to users directly. – All elements of the welcome pack embody the spirit of Xinja. The stickers are the brand characters (‘xinjas’), with stick-on, customisable features and speech bubbles to add personality – while the coasters hero quirky money quotes that resonate with the brand values, and the post-its include financial goal-setting tips. Even the bright pink temporary tattoos capture the brand’s cheeky nature. Each item was selected and designed to stick around – building brand presence and awareness long after the pack is gone and the card is in the wallet. Here’s what some customers had to say about the new card design and unboxing experience. “Cannot recommend enough. I came for the hot-pink MasterCard, I’ll stay for the service. And interest rates. (P.S. your marketing team need a pay rise??)” "Neobank experiments continue, this time we have @xinjamoney. This is definitely the best packaging so far, and the stickers + coasters + post-it notes are Thumbs up" “Really liking the playfulness of the @xinjamoney welcome pack... Came with stickers and temporary tattoos!”