World Masters Games Brand Identity

  • 2017

  • Communication
    Branding and Identity

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

World Masters Games 2017 Ltd

Designed In:

New Zealand

The Master Stroke – reflects the age group of the athletes, their sporting prowess and dedication to their craft. A flowing painted logotype with an athlete at the centre highlighting celebration and the love of sport in an unique destination.

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  • All World Masters Games material needed to showcase: destination, celebration, and sport. Destination: Imagery of New Zealand, the people, the land and Māori Takarangi patterns. Celebration: with the expressive strokes in the logotype (at the core being the painted athlete in mid leap or opening run), typography, colours and illustration. Sport: The thread though it all. Bringing many nations together for a fun and challenging event that highlights the 'love of sport'.

  • The design of the toolkit enhances the spirit of the games through the photography, typography, patterns and messaging. It inspires potential participants to be involved through the vibrancy of the event and tone of the messaging.The toolkit is flexible and adaptable depending on the execution. The use of a clear headline structure compliments the angle of the brand-mark. All creating a sense of movement and energy across all the brand components.

  • We collaborated with Native Council to develop the distinctive Takarangi pattern which is woven into all artwork and brand materials. Takarangi is the connection of Auckland's (the host city) three Harbours: Waitemata, Kaipara and Manukau. The Māori meaning is a metaphor for connection in one place. The coming together of both local and international athletes from both hemispheres celebrating a common 'love of sport'.

  • Colour is a key component of the brand with the use of vibrant tones to easily show a sense of fun and celebration. The core colours are derived from Auckland's changing tones throughout the day. Blues tones from Auckland's ocean and sky, green from the land, purple and pink and orange the evening sunsets. Supporting colours of Gold, silver and bronze from Auckland's many shorelines.

    The event brand-work needed to showcase: celebration, destination and sport. These 3 themes are articulated throughout the brand toolkit clearly. The hierarchy of communication is clear and concise and tone of voice and imagery is attractive to the target market of athletes 35+ both male and female.There is already a record number of volunteers and athletes signing up making this years event in Auckland one of the most successful in World Masters Games history.