WORKPAD™ Pads and Caddy

  • 2018

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    Furniture and Lighting

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Workpad Pads and Caddies allow teachers and students to move their learning activities to new and underutilised parts of the school buildings. The Workpad Caddy’s castors give mobility and the Workpad Pads themselves are usable as both seating and as a work surface for using a laptop or exercise book.

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  • Through classroom observations, we noticed that schools are thinking in new ways about previously overlooked spaces, such as corridors, stairs and tiered seating areas, which they are transforming into learning spaces. At the same time, schools are increasing their use of technology in classrooms. We observed students using soft cushions, designed for sitting on chairs, for sitting on hard floors and stairs. They were also using plastic, easily broken laptop trays to balance computers on their knees. The WORKPAD Caddy and Pads solve both issues and enable teachers and students to quickly set up a small group collaborative space anywhere.

  • We worked extensively with our foam supplier to find a specific foam for the WORKPAD Pads, that is firm enough so that students won’t sink through and feel the hard (often concrete) floor. It is also rigid enough to support a laptop or notebook when placed on their knees. Additionally, we designed a WORKPAD Caddy to hold up to ten WORKPAD Pads. As schools re-purpose spaces and as students become confident with collaborative work, the WORKPAD Caddy allows students and teachers to quickly and easily push or drag the WORKPAD Pads to open up new spaces for small group collaboration.

  • Schools that are encouraging students to use overlooked spaces are, at the same time, encouraging students to stand up and move around at school, and not spend all their time sitting at a desk. Hard and static furniture is inappropriate for active classrooms, hence why the WORKPAD Caddy is produced from a soft, collapsible material that will not be a hazard for students when left empty. We manufacture WORKPAD Caddies from 90% recycled post-consumer waste and use offcuts from our other products as the base.

  • We generally sell WORKPAD Pads in commercial grade vinyl, to allow them to be placed on the floor, on stairs or in other non-traditional classroom spaces around the school. If the vinyl gets dirty, it is easily wiped clean. The woven covers of WORKPAD Pads (also commercial grade fabrics made of 40% recycled plastic bottles) can be removed for washing. Covers are easily replaceable if they become too dirty after use in unusual places around the school. Traditional classrooms are places full of hard surfaces (tables, chairs) that emphasise rectangular and square forms in neutral, boring colours. WORKPAD Pads are soft, round and in vibrant colours. They visually reinforce the point that schools are now re-purposing old spaces and refreshing their teaching styles, to emphasise the 21st Century skills of collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity. The group of ten WORKPAD Pads in a Caddy encourages students to work collaboratively and to be creative in setting up their own learning spaces. Students can use WORKPAD Pads flexibly, as either a seat or as a mini table. The WORKPAD Caddy allows students to quickly move the WORKPAD Pads around the school, so any space can become an impromptu group collaborative space.