APX NEXT XE Portable Radio and XVE500 RSM Solution

  • 2021

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Commissioned By:

Motorola Solutions Inc.

Designed In:

United States of America

APX NEXT XE portable two-way communication device with XVE500 Remote Speaker Microphone helps users manage emergency incidents by connecting team members and command centers. Voice communication and smartphone intelligence are integrated into a rugged package providing an essential element for first responders.

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  • Design Challenge: -Integrate advanced capabilities and functionality with the two-way radio reliability demanded by firefighters. -Explore and adopt touch screen and voice interfaces with Mission-critical performance to assure a communications lifeline through a variety of modalities. -Provide a platform for new applications and services such as LTE back up and voice query to assure uninterrupted information flow. -Reduce maintenance/downtime with Cloud based provisioning and update features. Enable capabilities such as video, data analytics, and AI applications as needs evolve. -Embody it all in a purpose built form factor designed for the rigors of the firefighting environment.

  • The firefighter environment enjoys a unique visual aesthetic. Overstated controls, high visibility colors, and authentic ruggedness beyond mere appearance are common traits of these tools. APX NEXT XE/XVE500 RSM Designers established a language drawing on the ruggedness of power tools and the engaging attraction of modern sports equipment without yielding to a purely consumer aesthetic. This results in a look of competent functionality that invites handling and tactile interaction. The system also provides a firefighter appropriate solution combining the benefits and data of internet functionality with proven mission critical voice and high tactility.

  • Designed for a 10+ year service life, this product eliminates several cycles of throw-away obsolescence typically present in adapted consumer products over the same time period. APX NEXT XE with XVE500 Remote Speaker Microphone serves society by allowing users to perform tasks without the added burden or cognitive load of a complex communication system. This intuitive solution allows them to be safer and more efficient by simplifying the way they stay connected. This increased effectiveness promises improved outcomes as responders serve communities in their times of greatest peril and need without distraction from complex tools.

  • APX NEXT XE key features include: -Integration of firefighting/emergency expected ruggedness with the functionality of a modern large display and glove-friendly touchscreen interface. -Smartphone app functionality. This allows an increased level of location, environment, and predictive awareness as users are able to access fire-specific smart applications. -Intelligent voice control (VIQI) enables users to send, query, and receive critical information and data via voice command. The "eyes up/hands free" modality afforded by voice control is critical for operational safety and success. -Provides mission critical talk-and-listen capability during the heat of an incident while providing advanced software features expected by modern users. -Reduces device maintenance and automates software upgrades with remote update and analytics functions requiring no user input. -Supports the manufacturer's brand heritage as a provider of rugged, highly tactile devices integrating technology in a usable way.