• 2015

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

  • Arik Levy

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Wireflow is an exceptional feature light with unique character. Its structure – formed by thin black wires, lacquered rods and LED terminals – provides visual continuity of lines and light, giving tangible character to this abstract design concept. Wireflow pendant lengths are customizable, making them ideal for large spaces and high ceilings.

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  • The beauty of Wireflow is in its form, which can be customised to suit the designer's vision and space. A single wire or two or three or more - Wireflow employs CREA product configurator software so the design can be modified to suit individual needs. In one form it reviews and updates the chandelier through an exercise of simplification. While the elegant structure of fine cables and LED terminals allows the combination of many individual pieces to create major graphic lighting installations that generate a visual opportunity of lines and points of light, bringing a markedly conceptual character to an intangible product.

  • Using LED lighting, these beautifully graphic and simplistic yet stunning creations can cast the perfect light on the surrounding space. Used over a hotel lobby desk where bright light is needed or above restaurant tables to create the perfect ambiance. Wireflow allows the designer to create the mood they desire not only with the light itself, but with the light installations as art.

  • The use of LED lights mean the lighting will last and the quality of the product will last with it.

  • Vibia works with Europe's most accomplished lighting designers. Their products are designed with expert craftsmanship and manufactured to the highest quality. Vibia is in the business of creativity and innovation and they deliver top-class products with their team of top-class people. Hanging in space, Wireflow creates a geometric shape with a nod to the digital era - it's up close that the viewer can see the sturdiness and solid structure of the pressed glass diffuser and fine black cables. Quality is not compromised in Wireflow.

    There are so many possibilities for this light - its versatility mean it can suit a variety of spaces. In it's geometric shape form, Wireflow excels in large spaces with tall ceilings such as hotel lobbies, museums, foyers, galleries and more. Yet the individual wires can be hung beautifully above an intimate bar or restaurant table, creating the perfect light and ambiance. It's a luminiere with exceptional potential - it's up to us to create the endless possibilities.

    Wireflow is innovative design at it's best - with major installations using the fine wire cables to create not just the perfect light, but art for the space it inhabits. Vibia is dedicated to studying how people use space and how light can inspire - Wireflow does just that. The flexibility of Wireflow allows each installation to be unique - it's individualised by the use of CREA product configurator software, making Wireflow one of the most innovative looking lights available - it's only limited by our imagination.